FIFA Ultimate Team: Can you answer 15 questions on 'streets won't forget' players?

Ultimate Team is undoubtedly the most popular game mode on EA Sports’ FIFA franchise.

Ever since it was first introduced way back in March of 2009, gamers have put in serious hours in order to try and assemble the very best virtual team possible.

Ultimate Team has evolved an enormous amount over the past 13 years or so and in the present day, things have started to get a tad ridiculous.

There are just too many overpowered cards thanks to the plethora of unnecessary promo campaigns, which has essentially made the whole thing far less fun for the casual gamer.

But we’ll always have the sweet memories of yesteryear, eh?

With that in mind, we’ve decided to create a quiz to put your knowledge of Ultimate Team on past editions of FIFA to the test.

Below, you’ll find 15 questions on classic ‘the streets won’t forget’ players. You know the ones, those random cards that gave you unbridled joy when they produced magic in your team and sent a shiver down your spine when you saw them in the loading screen before a match.

Here’s our scoring system for the quiz…

0-4: Were you ‘Career Mode’ only?

5-9: Someone rage quit a little too often

10-14: A ‘Weekend League’ veteran

15: An Ultimate Team connoisseur!

All clear? Right, good luck!

FIFA Ultimate Team: 15 questions on ‘streets won’t forget’ players

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