Diablo Immortal: Analysis reveals that maxing out a character costs $110,000

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A new analysis has revealed that it could cost players as much as $110,000 to max out a Diablo Immortal character using microtransactions.

That equates to over £87,000, which is an absolutely staggering amount of money.

A video by Bellular News conducted the analysis and has been reported by Game Rant.

The analysis points out that the highest tier Legendary Gems, a premium currency in the game, cannot be earned by players who don’t pay for them with real money.

As a result, to fully upgrade a character, you’d need to spend in excess of £87,000, on a game that has only released on both mobile and PC.

Players cannot actually buy Legendary Gems, though. Instead, they drop out of Legendary Crests which are, you guessed it, the game’s loot boxes.

A separate Reddit thread has claimed that the money needed could actually be much more, as there are unlocks that are only usable once 5-star gems have reached Rank 10. To do that, you’d need to spend $40,000 or more than £31,000.

Diablo Immortal

Once a player does this, they unlock resonating boards. They haven’t yet been released but the implication is that you’ll need to upgrade your 5-star gems to Rank 10 numerous times. That adds thousands of dollars to the estimate.

This would go a long way to explaining why the game has not released in either the Netherlands or Belgium, with both countries having incredibly stringent loot box laws; they have court rulings claiming that they constitute gambling.

Diablo Immortal has launched to some mixed reviews, particularly on Metacritic, and this analysis is unlikely to change that.

As per Video Games Chronicle, the game’s user score is now Blizzard’s third-lowest ever. The user score is currently just 0.8.

To be completely honest, we can understand why.

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