D.J Reed's diet: New York Jets corner reveals his former bizarre eating habits

New York Jets cornerback D.J Reed has revealed the constant chopping and changing that has gone through his diet in the past few years. 

The New York Jets are in a desperate need to try and turn things around sooner rather than later, as for years they have been arguably one of the biggest laughing stocks across the NFL for how badly they have playing.

Without a winning season since 2015, they only won six games across the past two seasons, with their 2-14 record in 2020 putting them in position to draft #4 in the recent NFL Draft as they took cornerback Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner.

It was a position the Jets desperately needed to sort out, as they gave up the 3rd most passing yards last season with 4409 and made the fewest interceptions in the league with seven and one that they had already made moves to try and fix before the draft when they signed D.J Reed to a 3-year, $33m contract. 

What does Reed bring to the table?

Reed is still relatively new when it comes to his NFL career, having only been in the league since 2018 when he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers before moving on to the Seattle Seahawks in 2020.

During that time though, he’s managed to show that he’s no scrub in this league, racking up a total of 194 tackles, 19 passes deflected – 10 of which were from last year – and 4 interceptions. So when it comes to making trouble on the outside, Reed is a pretty safe bet and could help turn the Jets around. That’s why they paid him the big bucks.

But whilst the Jets are getting someone who they hope can consistently perform on the field, one thing that hasn’t been consistent about Reed is his diet.

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Constant chopping and changing

Speaking recently with the media (via The New York Post), Reed revealed that his diet has gone through a number of changes over the years, most notably that he didn’t eat chicken or steak for four years: 

“That actually started in college. With my mindset, I tried to see how I could like run faster, for my 40-yard dash. I actually went vegan for like four months. I did that and it was cool, but it was a struggle once I lost my chef after the process. Then, I started just eating fish. I actually did that for like three, four years. I didn’t eat steak, chicken, just straight pescatarian. I did that and it was cool.”

That lack of meat though was supposedly caused some injuries and for his body to break down, which caused Seahawks QB Russell Wilson’s personal chef to step in and get him back on the meat wagon

“When I ate chicken and I ate steak, I was like, I don’t know how the hell I [went without] for four years. I love my diet now.”

Let’s hope that his diet doesn’t change any more in the future and cause him, or the Jets any problems moving forward.

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