Ghostwire: Tokyo: How to Collect Spirits

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Beyond finishing the main story in Ghostwire: Tokyo, you must also achieve a secondary mission in which you must save all of Tokyo’s ghosts.

Spirits can be found all around the map in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Akito and KK must use Katashiro to absorb Spirits and transmit them to Ed via a special payphone system.

Finding and transferring every Spirit in the game awards you Experience Points, Meika, and the “Helping Hand,” “Savior,” and “Savior of All” Trophies.

Below you can find all the ways you can save all the spirits in Ghostwire Tokyo.

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How to Collect Spirits in Ghostwire Tokyo

Spirits are blue floating beings that can be absorbed by Katashiro and can be found all over Shibuya.

Because each site has many Spirits, using just one Katashiro can absorb hundreds of Spirits. In Ghostwire: Tokyo, you can find 240,300 Spirits, including 3,700 in the Shibuya Underground, 5,000 in Containment Cubes, and 10,000 in the Hyakki Yako realm.

Spirits can be found all over the city, including on roofs and in difficult-to-reach alleyways, and they can also be found by:

  • Completing main missions
  • Completing side missions
  • Cleansing Torii Gates
  • Cleansing corrupted areas
  • Protecting Containment Cubes
  • Completing Hyakki Yako battles
Ghostwire: Tokyo Best Skills

Before they may be absorbed, some Spirits have a spectral lock on them that must be removed by establishing a seal. There are three methods to achieve this: trace the symbol on the Dualsense’s touchpad, replicate the symbol with the right thumbstick, or let KK do the symbol for you by holding down Square. To unlock the lock, simultaneously press L2 and R2 (left and right mouse click on PC). To absorb the spirits, you can now use a free Katashiro.

How to Get More Katashiro in Ghostwire: Tokyo

If Akito’s Katashiro are all full, he won’t be able to absorb any more Spirits until they’ve been transferred. You can get additional Katashiro to save time running between payphones. In Ghostwire, there are two basic ways to obtain additional Katashiro: Tokyo: Nekomata at Convenience Stores sells them for 3,000 Meika each, and you can get them as a reward for completing side quests. By hovering over the marker on the map and hovering over the rewards, you may see what you’ll get before you start a quest. Akito begins with ten Katashiro and can carry up to 50.

How to Transfer Spirits in Ghostwire Tokyo

You must find a payphone, which is usually found in outdoor booths, and use the Spirit Transmission process to send Spirits to Ed in the game. Unless you are wearing the Transmission Beads, you must do this to update your total Spirits transmitted percentage. This item is given as a reward for completing the game, and Akito will automatically transfer Spirits as they are absorbed as long as the beads are worn.

Payphones without a booth, on the other hand, can be found both outside and inside. During important missions, there are frequently many payphones available. If these features have been enabled, look for the payphone symbol on the mini map. You will receive more XP and Meika if you transfer more Spirits. When you hit certain total Spirits consumed milestones, Ed will send a special message to KK.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Best Skills

Because Tokyo is such a large city, you will be tasked with rescuing over 240,000 citizens who are floating around the world and concealed in every nook and cranny. However, you can also find spirits in other ways, such as by accomplishing global objectives.

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