Fortnite: First-person mode could be coming

Fortnite could be about to bring a first-person mode into the game.

IGN reports that a datamine of the wildly successful battle royale game has revealed that the game might be adding a new camera angle that will change the entire perspective of the battlefield.

Of course, the third-person mode has made Fortnite famous but it could soon become a first-person shooter if this new mine is to be believed.

A tweet from Fortnite news source HYPEX, which has leaked early news about the game previously, claims that Epic Games are developing a first-person camera mode.

The development seems to have coincided with the release of Chapter 3 Season 3, and there is even a screenshot showing Fortnite from a first-person perspective.

Epic have recently added zero build modes into the game, and this may well be utilised in those modes, as it does not seem beneficial to those modes where building is integral.

Rail Guns Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Of course, it should be noted that the in-game cosmetics that can be bought in the game would see their value diminish if the first-person mode became ubiquitous.

HYPEX has made it clear that Epic has yet to actually confirm that a first-person mode is coming to the game, and this may well just be the early stages of beta testing as the developers look to see what they can add to the game over the next few months.

Fortnite is one of the most constantly updated games on the market, with Chapter 3 Season 3 coming just this week, turning the island into a giant party, featuring a new map area, hamster-wheel like Ballers, and characters such as Darth Vader and Indiana Jones.

We’ll let you know if there’s any official update on a first-person mode.

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