Leaks Reveal Call of Duty Warzone 2 anti-cheat

Call of Duty Warzone 2

Activision introduced Ricochet during the Vanguard cycle, a brand-new anti-cheat aimed to prevent players from utilizing third-party software to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents in Call of Duty Warzone 2.

Cheaters are still rampant in Warzone, and it appears that even Call of Duty is ready to abandon ship. With Warzone 2 clearly on the horizon and set to debut later this year, it seems like a logical idea for Infinity Ward to take over the battle royale genre, especially given Raven Software’s issues.

Cheating is a major annoyance that occurs in almost every online game. Since the release of Warzone, the number of hackers in Call of Duty games has risen dramatically, much to the chagrin of players.

Ricochet was brought in to stop this issue recently and following the global presentation of Modern Warfare 2, leaks has confirmed that Ricochet will be in Infinity Ward’s next game on October 28. 

Here’s what we know so far about COD Warzone 2’s new anti-cheat feature.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 anti-cheat

Multiplayer was the last part of the Call of Duty universe to benefit from anti-cheat protection when Ricochet initially appeared.

The information, provided by charlieINTEL, has revealed that the anti-cheat software will be in the game from day one.

Gamers are still using methods to see through walls and lock onto opponents with ease, even with the anti-cheat enabled, which is extremely annoying for actual players.

In addition to Modern Warfare 2, Activision also revealed that an anti-cheat system will be released alongside Warzone 2, the next chapter in the battle royale series, which, contrary to rumours, will be released in 2022.

Players should meet fewer hackers than in Vanguard, as anti-cheat is already in place when the Modern Warfare 2 servers are turned on. Some will inevitably sneak through the cracks, but let’s hope multiplayer has a player reporting system.

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