Starfield: Todd Howard reveals 1,000 planets are fully explorable

Starfield Cockpit

Starfield is going to be one of the biggest releases on the next-generation Xbox when it finally hits shelves next year.

The Bethesda RPG has a gigantic scope and Polygon is now reporting that the director Todd Howard has confirmed that there are over 1,000 planets that players can fully explore.

Previewing how Starfield’s exploration works, Howard chose a planet by the name of Jemison.

Players can land in a city, named New Atlantis, but he also claims that it is possible to land and explore any part of the planet you want.

But there’s not only one planet that is explorable.

Per IGN, Howard said: “From barren but resource-heavy ice balls, to Goldilocks planets with life. And not just this system, but over 100 systems – over 1,000 planets, all open for you to explore.”

Howard also showed off combat during his run, revealing the first-person shooter mechanics that are going to make up the bread and butter of your battles in Starfield.


Obviously, it remains to be seen how many planets will be teeming with hostile life and how many will have friendly creatures who aren’t going to try to eat and maim you.

To explore said planets, you’re going to need to have a spaceship, and you’ll have access to a deep customisation suite that will allow you to make your ship stand out among the stars.

The game’s plot follows players who are allied with the Constellation, the “last group of space explorers”, who are on a quest to recover lost alien artifacts.

The cast comprises a huge crew that is diverse in terms of both origin and age.

You’ll also have robot companions helping you along the way, and you’ll be able to customise pretty much everything, while being able to wage war in your starships.

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