Dislyte: Best Support Espers


For all the right reasons, Dislyte is one of the most popular competitive games. With its humorous array of heroes, the game keeps you engaged until the very end. Espers are the name for these heroes, and they are quite impressive.

Even the most experienced gamers find it difficult to choose which character to play. Tier lists can be extremely useful in this situation. But first, let’s clarify what Espers are to make things a little easier for you.

Espers come in a variety of rarity and components. Flow Element, Inferno Element, Wind Element, and Shimmer Element are the four major elements to which all Espers are assigned.

In this Dislyte Tier List, we’ll go through the greatest characters in the game, known as Espers. These Espers will be ranked in our opinion, and we encourage players to follow this tier list with caution.

The LilithGames-developed game was released worldwide on May 10th, 2022, and the tier list will only include Espers that may be called and collected at the time of global release.

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What Are Espers

Dislyte is a pretty new game in which heroes or characters known as Espers appear. These Espers are tasked with defending the world against otherworldly threats and animals. All of the Espers have unique abilities that can aid you in combating your foes.

The subject of what Espers are may be perplexing to some, yet they are no different than conventional game heroes. They are, however, a lot more intriguing when they have special superpowers.

Top Five Best Support Espers

We’ll go over some of the support espers you should be on the lookout for in the section below.

1. Gabrielle

Gabrielle Dislyte Esper

Gabrielle is often regarded as the game’s most powerful esper, and she is an excellent asset to any team. She can deal a lot of damage and has DEF and ATK down debuffs as well as a squad DEF up buff, thus she can practically play two roles on the team. Despite being a legendary five-star esper, she may be found in the Esper Fusion section of the War Room for free.

2. Lucas


Lucas is another five-star legend who is available to everyone for free. To obtain him, though, you must finish all 100 levels of the Spatial Tower in the Infinite Miracle, which is no easy task. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have access to one of the game’s best support espers. Even his basic strike steals enemy AP, and his more powerful abilities have the potential to stun, dispel buffs, or diminish AP.

3. Sienna


Sienna is a dream esper if you want to manage turn order. Regrettably, she is another five-star legend. You’ll have a support character with increased ATK, SPD, and AP, as well as a primary strike that can fully deplete opposing AP if you’re successful. She also stuns them if their AP is down to zero.

4. Donar


Consider forming a defensive unit around Donar if he is one of your first two legendary five-star picks. He’s a DPS character who prefers to linger rather than deal massive damage thanks to DEF and immunity buffs, making him feel more like a support esper.

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5. Bonnie


Bonnie’s basic strike may absorb opponent AP, her second can stun, and her major ‘Disputational’ ability can dispel several enemy buffs, thereby turning them into AP boosts for your entire squad. For a typical four-star support esper, that’s not terrible at all!

That concludes our Dislyte Best Support Espers guide; let us know what you think.

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