Green Bay Packers: RB A.J Dillon shows off insane legs during charity softball game

A.J Dillon of the Green Bay Packers

Running back A.J Dillon has arguably stolen the show over the weekend during a Green Bay Packers charity event thanks to his impressive body.

A.J Dillon is in a rather difficult spot when it comes to his career with the Green Bay Packers right now, as he is still waiting for his chance to explode onto the scene and become an integral part of the organisation, although he has certainly been doing his best to get himself noticed. 

Having to sit behind Aaron Jones on the team’s depth chart at running back, he has been limited when it comes to how many games he starts and the carries that he can get, and when you’re in an offense that is guided by Aaron Rodgers, the game is going to be played mostly through the air. 

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But he made the most of things last season in what was only his second year in the league. With 803 rushing yards and rushing 8 touchdowns he managed to lead the team in both categories, this was despite only starting just two games and working off of 183 rushing attempts, which averaged out at 11 per game over the 17-game season.

Knocking on the door

Those numbers might just give the Green Bay Packers organisation something to think about ahead of this upcoming season. The Packers operated out of a ‘running back by committee’ rule last season which saw the two men share the snaps pretty much equally, with Jones putting up 799 yards for 4 touchdowns off of 171 carries, just about 10 per game.

Whether or not that will remain the case this season, or if the Packers will decide once and for all to turn one man into the ‘bell cow’ of the side and become the true starter and main man, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

But it’s fair to say that Dillon, or at the very least his legs, are very capable of handling the load of being the main running back in Green Bay.

Bringing new meaning to ‘Quad-Zilla’

Dillon relayed a picture this past weekend of him at a charity softball game organised by the Packers with him in full flight that shows just how big his leg muscles are, and how hard his shorts are having to work in order to make sure they don’t rip under the strain:

No wonder it’s been so hard for opponents to take him down in the past, you just have to wonder if they’re able to get any bigger in the future to carry even more of a load on top of them:

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