Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 Patch Notes: Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

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Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 is approaching and we can reveal everything we know so far about the patch notes for this upcoming season.

Everyone loves the battle royale game which has been a part of the Call of Duty franchise for a couple of years now, and a new season should mean more content.

Updates are crucial in the game, as they bring about a lot of important things for the gaming community like bug fixes and new content.

A new Warzone season is exciting, and it will be very interesting to see what the developers do following their huge Godzilla vs King Kong Event at the start of season 3.

Here is everything you need to know about the Warzone Season 4 Update:

Latest News

Update 16th June: Here are some of the new changes coming to Call of Duty Warzone in Season 4. Here they are in full:

  • A few of next season’s updates to the Caldera include:
  • New micro-POIs and more looting
  • Secret underground Mercenary Vaults
  • 50% less vegetation & better visibility

Season 4 Update Release Date

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 will start immediately after Season 3 ends. It will end on Wednesday, 22nd June 2022. The Warzone update will be live at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm UK on June 22nd. Season 4 begins on June 22nd 2022 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm UK.

Season 4 Update Patch Notes

The Update will also see patch notes be released at the same time. Patch notes are something that all gaming companies release when an update goes live.

Patch Notes are massively important to read as they will give you all the knowledge you need to excel in the new season, so make sure you read them.

Within these patch notes, you will see all the bug fixes, weapon nerfs/buffs and also be told all the new content added to the game.

Here are the patch notes in full, gathered from the Call of Duty website:

  • New Map: Fortune’s Keep. Go all-in on a brand-new Warzone Resurgence Battle Royale map developed by High Moon Studios, featuring stunning vistas and undiscovered riches.
  • Caldera Updates Across the Island. From the return of Storage Town to riverbeds drying up, Raven Software is changing up Caldera.
  • Armoured SUV, New Contract, and More. New tools, objectives, and feature updates to Warzone will add new strategies to consider for your squad’s meta.
  • Three Warzone Maps to Drop Into Fortune’s Keep, Rebirth Island, and Caldera coexist, all for free via regular weekly playlist rotation.

New Warzone Resurgence Map: Fortune’s Keep

Prepare for the ultimate score: fight fellow Operators and mercenaries on a luxurious and timeless island, where the amount of danger and action is second only to its riches.

A mercenary hideout built atop an otherwise peaceful town with a rich history, Fortune’s Keep is a completely original Resurgence map created by High Moon Studios. It is roughly the same size as Rebirth Island and features four distinct points of interest:


Inspired by colourful Mediterranean villages, this seaside community is littered with cobblestone alleyways and flat rooftops to traverse across. An old fortress sits in the town’s centre, inviting Operators in for intense combat with its bell tower that commands this section of the map.

Other notable sections include a coastal path with a gazebo and a Graveyard that seems to have been grave-robbed multiple times over.

Smuggler’s Cove

Legend has it that pirates from centuries ago used this island to hide their treasures. True to its name, Smuggler’s Cove is loaded with supplies, including Gas Masks that could be helpful in case of a Circle Collapse.

Be prepared to explore the twisting Sea Caves, Grottos that see sunlight shine through massive holes in the earth, a small collection of fishing huts, and a lighthouse.


The island’s namesake, the Keep is a medieval fortress now converted into the mercenary’s headquarters and hideout.

Walk on the ramparts and take to the watchtowers to defend the area from invaders, but know that they can also easily fly over the walls using nearby Redeploy Balloons or sneak into the area using the island’s tunnel system.


A laidback complex inspired by traditional three-lane maps, the Winery serves up plenty of scavenging opportunities and intrigue.

Head to the Cellar to stock up on supplies, or travel over to the nearby Camp that contains a helipad and multiple military tents.

Those looking for a more secluded start may want to drop in at the Bay, which has routes over to the Winery proper and the Keep.

Fortune’s Keep, a new home for Resurgence Battle Royale matches, will have two major features that could define the most effective tactics available (meta) for victory.

Black Market Run Contract

Get your hands on off-market loot by accepting the new Black Market Run Contract, challenging you to reach the Black Market Buy Station before the timer expires.

Spend Cash on items not available at normal Buy Stations or as ground loot such as the Sequencer Grenade, the Nebula V Minigun, Foresight, a Specialist Bonus, or one of several classified weapons.

Cash Extraction

During Resurgence Battle Royale matches, straggling mercenaries will attempt to airlift their Cash off Fortune’s Keep.

You and your squad can ambush the extraction – just follow the flare signal and take out the agents to get at their bag of goods, but be on the lookout for enemy Operators also looking to steal these mercenary’s riches.

New Caldera POI – Storage Town

Raven Software is bringing back a memorable piece of Warzone history as part of a large overhaul of the main Caldera map.

Storage Town, the area that helped define nearly two years of Warzone in Verdansk, will see a new life on Caldera when it is added in between the Mines, Airfield, Village, and Dig Site.

It will be rough as veterans remember it: a sprawling complex of lockers filled with Contracts and item spawns, as well as a few warehouses that allow for great views over the area.

However, as part of Caldera, Storage Town will be near cliffs in the middle of the island. This additional verticality will add a twist to this fan-favourite point of interest, making it a more viable rotation point when travelling between the map’s western section.

Caldera General Update, New Features

A severe drought hit Caldera, causing rivers to dry up as mercenary forces add camps around the island. There are also new items and a vehicle coming to Caldera first, which should shake up modes like Plunder.

Over a Dozen Point of Interest Changes

Once this update launches, expect cleared sightlines across numerous areas on the island, partially due to small camps cropping up from outside the Resort to the Runway.

Additional pathways, including scaffolding across multiple Capital Buildings and steps near the Gondola Station, will be opened up to allow for more movement options around the island.

Around Caldera, rumours of Mercenary Vaults are beginning to crop up – expect to find these scattered around the island.

Ready for a deep dive into Fortune’s Keep and Caldera? Come back to the blog next week for a guide to both maps!

Armoured SUV (In-Season)

Besides Redeploy Balloons, existing vehicles, and your own two feet, a new Armored SUV can be used to explore all the new areas in Caldera with an ample amount of defence.

It includes a dedicated rooftop turret seat and room for Operators to use their loadout weapons, making this one mean vehicle that begs to be used in the field.

To get where you’re going fast, activate the SUV’s Nitro Boost to enjoy instant acceleration for a limited time.


Get rich quick by searching out ATMs in Plunder game modes. Throughout the match, funds periodically spawn near ATMs up to a maximum holding. Collect these bags of gold for a major Cash boost.

EMP Grenade

Disable vehicles and disrupt enemy players and AI using the EMP Grenade, a non-lethal tool that explodes in a short-lived area of effect. Affected players are stripped of their HUD information, while vehicles are momentarily powered down.

Golden Plunder Limited-Time Mode

What kind of self-respecting thief would rightly call themselves a Mercenar[y] of Fortune without bags full of gold to prove it? Well… an opportunity has presented itself and an island littered with gold is there for the taking.

The new Golden Plunder limited-time mode offers the Blood Money experience with more competition and a lot more glitz. Some of the changes Players can expect to see include:

  • The player count increased to 120, up from 100
  • Players drop more Cash on death
  • Cash required for Victory increased to $5,000,000

The greediest of the bunch can also explore either of the following options:

  • Visit one of the malfunctioning ATMs located on the map that seem to keep spewing out endless amounts of Cash
  • Hunt down one of the infamous Golden Keycards which is rumoured to allow access to a bunker filled with all sorts of valuable new loot

Fair warning, only the wealthiest will be fortunate enough to walk away victorious.

Mercenaries of Fortune Event

Prove your skills in the Mercenaries of Fortune event, featuring eight challenges that test your mettle on Caldera and Fortune’s Keep.

Get rewards like new Weapon Camos, Reticle, Charm, Emblem, Sticker, and a Legendary animated Calling Card.

Complete all eight challenges to earn the coveted gold skin for the Armored SUV. Ride around in this thing and there’ll be no mistaking you for a common mercenary.

There are strange rumours concerning an undead surge and the ultimate test for Operators coming online…

In addition to Titanium Trials: Endurance, an updated version of the highly-competitive Iron Trials, expect plenty of Warzone content to keep you busy throughout Mercenaries of Fortune.

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