Baker Mayfield: Panthers showing urgency to get deal done

Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield

NFL reporter Jonathan Jones has dropped a big claim on Baker Mayfield’s future in the league, hinting that a move could be coming soon.

2021 and 2022 though have been something of a disaster for Baker Mayfield, not only did the Cleveland Browns put up a record of 8-9, but the trade for Deshaun Watson more or less sealed his fate in Cleveland as it became pretty clear that they were moving on from him.

Whilst a move hasn’t materialised so far, as teams report for minicamp, this is the time of the year that could provide him with another opportunity to get onto a team for a multitude of reasons.

Players could begin to pick up injuries, such as the Jacksonville Jaguars’ C.J Beathard, or it could be the case that a player isn’t performing the way that they want them to in training and might need another year to develop as was reportedly the case with the San Francisco 49ers and their 2nd-year quarterback Trey Lance.

What the situation is regarding Mayfield and how he could be set to get on a team is as yet uncertain, but it looks as if there might be some hope for him afterall.

What’s the latest?

Reports last month claimed that the Carolina Panthers were showing an interest in his services, but that the money aspect, sepcficially how much money the Cleveland Browns were willing to absorb of Mayfield’s contract in order to make the move happen.

It appears though as if there has been some movement on that end. Taking to Twitter, Jonathan Jones has claimed that the deal could be getting closer, as not only are talks ongoing, but that the Panthers are eager to get the deal done as soon as possible so that Mayfield can get as much time with the team in as possible:

A quarterback class of chaos?

What a move like this would do for the Panthers in terms of signal-caller is interesting. They already have what could be their quarterback of the future in Matt Corral and one who could be their man right now in Sam Darnold, with offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo letting slip that he was the team’s starter this season.

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Where do the Pittsburgh Steelers play?

So where Mayfield would come into the equation is an interesting one, does he come in as the starter and bump Darnold down a peg? And what happens if he lights up the league and brings success to the team, have they essentially wasted a draft pick on Corral when it could actually be Mayfield that takes the team through the present and into the future?

Obviously, we’d have to wait for the deal to be done before anything becomes concrete, but it is sure to be an interesting story to watch as preseason moves on.

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