OnlyFans star Elle Brooke calls herself a role model ahead of boxing debut

  • Tom Ward

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke sees herself as a role model for other aspiring young boxers out there.

Brooke, 24, is set to make her debut on the undercard of Simple Simon vs Ed Matthews next month.

Astrid Wett was originally meant to be in the opposite corner but she pulled out of the fight last week, citing health and safety concerns.

Naturally the Manchester City fan’s first foray into boxing has been met with a great deal of scorn across social media.

Yet Brooke – who also has thousands of followers on TikTok – insists that she can hopefully inspire the next generation of youngsters to follow suit, pointing out that she already has more experience than many of her keyboard critics.

“You can say I’m disrespecting the sport but I’m literally training with Mark Tibbs who is a professional boxing trainer and I’m training with the likes of f***ing IBF bantamweight world champion Ebanie Bridges,” she said in an exclusive interview with GiveMeSport.

“Do you not think I’m going to be a bozzer [sic] unit?

“I’ve got a big platform and I can be like inspirational for other girls you know.

OnlyFans model Elle Brooke

“There’s not many girls in the sport compared to men, it’s very male-dominated.

“Hopefully people can look up to me and you know think maybe I could take up boxing because if anything you know it’s self-defence for women and everything like that so definitely like pioneer the sport.”

Brooke also named Inbetweeners actor Simon Bird as her dream opponent for a fantasy bout.

She added: “If I could fight anyone… Oh my god that’s such a good question, you’ve put me on the spot.

“Will from The Inbetweeners because it’d be funny. Yeah. I’ve got him in my head because I think someone said Astrid walks like Will from The Inbetweeners so that’s why The Inbetweeners is in my head.”

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As for how she sees the fight going, she kept it very short and sweet.

“Knockout,” she predicted. “It’s only four twos so I’m going to put it on hard and thick.

“I’ve been practising sparring with six and more so I know that I’ve got the fitness to absolutely smash it out. It’s not that many.”

Asked what she plans to do if she wins, she replied: “Oh, I’m going to get KFC, I’ve already decided.

“So I’m going to get like a Tower Burger, with a large Pepsi Max Cherry, no ice, and I’m going to say it on the mic so everyone orders me one.”

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