England 21-52 Barbarians: George Kruis' 'illegal' conversion was pure s***housery

George Kruis Illegal Back Heel

George Kruis took to the field for the last time in his professional career at Twickenham over the weekend for the Barbarians in their 52-21 win over an England XV.

He announced earlier this year that he would be retiring at the end of the season despite being only 32. Kruis made his decision given his desire to pursue his business interests instead of a career in rugby union.

Despite the Barbarians playing with 14 men for the majority of the game with Will Skelton’s sending off, Kruis put on a Man of the Match display.

His heroics culminated in the cheekiest conversion you’ll ever see. He back heeled the ball over the posts in the final minutes.

He claimed he hadn’t been practicing the kick and was worried he would pull his hamstring with how his legs felt! Can you believe him after such an audacious conversion? Surely he’s been having a few attempts at that!

He did go on to claim that he wasn’t going to rethink his decision to retire, saying: ““Like a lot of my decisions in rugby it’s been planned from a long while out, I ask for opinions and plan things.


“I’m really comfortable with the career I’ve had and I’m equally as excited for the next opportunity with my business and continuing to create memories.

“We (the Barbarians) had a good time off the field and followed that up with an on-field memory. It was about creating a decent memory on the field.”

Although it was great to watch and certainly put on a spectacle for the crowd, the kick was technically illegal as you cannot kick with your heel as per the rules.


It will live long in the memory of those that were at Twickenham and those watching on TV, it’s not often you get the chance to say that about a conversion!

Fans on social media were loving the kick, with just some of the replies to the videos of the conversion reading: ‘There’s taking the p*** and then there’s this!!’

‘Oh my goodness bruv, THE DISRESPECT!!’


‘I’ve never seen anything like that in my 35 plus years of watching rugby!’

‘The ultimate s***housing behaviour & I’m here for it all day tbh’

‘Hate rugby! But this is class s***housery’


Given the fact that it is actually against the rules and it has gotten so much attention, this could be the last time you see anything of the kind, unless in an exhibition/charity match.

George Kruis, take a bow.

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