FIFA 22 Title Update 13: Patch notes and everything you need to know

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FIFA 22 is late into its life span now, but updates are still coming. Here we have everything you need to know about FIFA 22 title update 13. The initial update was only released for PC/Origin, but has now been released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

FIFA 22 has been massively hectic at the moment with the plethora of content that has been brought out. We’ve just got passed the TOTS stage of the game and now we’re heading into the final three months where things get a little silly and everyone’s squads are a sea of sheer colour.

Despite us being at this late stage of the game, however, there have still been problems with the title that have needed addressing by EA – which brings us to the title update 13.

So, with this – let’s take a look at the FIFA 22 title update 13.

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FIFA 22 Title Update 13

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In this title update, sourced from Trello, EA has addressed the following issues.

FIFA Ultimate Team

  • When viewing the Captain’s Squad in a Co-Op lobby, chemistry links did not always display correctly.


  • In some rare cases, goalkeepers would attempt to make a save with their hands outside of the box.

Audio, Visual & General

  • Addressed some instances of incorrect lighting occurring during a match.

Just a small title update for the 13th instalment in the game’s life cycle – but a necessary one.

Fixing the chemistry link issue is a simple fix but a needed one from EA, seeing chemistry links that aren’t supposed to be there on an opponent’s side can lead to confusion for the player.

The second issue with the gameplay is probably the most important fix EA has made for this patch, with some odd circumstances resulting in the goalkeeper making a save outside the box with his hands, which is a frustrating issue which would certainly be penalised in a real game of football.

The final issue is, again, a simple fix – which involves addressing some instances where there was incorrect lighting during a match. Whilst a minor problem, it can still negatively affect the user’s gameplay – so it’s good they’ve sorted that out.

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