Premier League kits: YouTuber designs stunning home shirts for all 20 clubs

  • Kobe Tong
Brentford's club shop.

Premier League fans probably think that they could do a better job of designing their club’s kits than the manufacturers themselves.

With fashion in the beautiful game becoming more and more popular each year, supporters are finding themselves analysing the yearly kit releases in more detail than ever before.

We’re not above the phenomena either because we’ll be first in the queue to rank, rate and compare the designs that major companies like Nike, Adidas and Puma unveil each season.

Designing Premier League shirts

And truth be told, the last few years have seen some truly gorgeous releases with the big wigs of football jerseys taking off the shackles of boring templates and gunning for wackier end products.

However, one fight that the kit manufacturers always struggle to win is the admittedly difficult task of trying to reinvent a club’s signature home colours year after year after year.

Sure, you can push the boat out with the away, third and even fourth designs, but you can only stray so far from a club’s tradition and history when it comes to the home shirt.

And when there’s the pressure to come up with something inventive and unique every 12 months, it’s inevitable that some home jerseys are going to leave supporters shrugging their shoulders.

However, there could be a new hope for the creative sphere of home shirts in the Premier League and it comes in the unexpected form of a YouTuber, a graphic designer and days of hard work.

YouTuber designs Premier League kits

None other than ‘Thogden’, one of the biggest content creators in the football space, has tried their hand at creating a home kit for all 20 clubs taking to the English top-flight next season.

We’ll be the first people to admit that we were skeptical about the results because there are plenty of examples across social media where fans have drawn up truly grim attempts at kit designs.

But we’ve got to tip our hat to Thogden because although we’re not weak at the knees for all 20 concept designs, we’ll happily admit that the majority of them are absolute corkers.

From a stunning Leeds United design to a Manchester United release so outrageous it works, the Bolton Wanderers fan might just have opened the doors to a plethora of gorgeous football shirts.

So, strap yourselves in, switch your expectations from minimal design tweaks to full-blown creative tsunamis by checking out Thogden’s home shirt designs for every Premier League club:

And here are our favourites…

Some belting designs

Let’s be honest here, he’s smashed it.

They’re not all perfect, that must be said, but let’s not present as though those Everton, West Ham United and Wolverhampton Wanderers designs aren’t good enough to look genuinely professional.

As much as we like to imagine that fans designing their own club kits would work a treat, the simple fact of the matter is that most concept shirts go too far off-piste or end up looking cheap.

However, in the case of Thogden’s endeavour to shake up the fashion landscape of the Premier League, you’ve got to say that he’s enjoyed more hits than misses – and his father knew it too.

Barcelona shirts on sale.
Soccer Football – FC Barcelona photocall for new signing Antoine Griezmann – Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain – July 13, 2019 General view of Barcelona shirts in the club shop during the press conference for new signing Antoine Griezmann REUTERS/Albert Gea

Sadly, it will take more than a viral YouTube video to get those belting designs in club shops, but let’s just say we wouldn’t be angry if Adidas, Puma and Nike took inspiration from his kits.

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