FIFA 22: ‘Actually the Best Value of All Time’ SBC released into game

FIFA 22 SBC Screen

FIFA 22 is almost over now, but we’re still getting lots of content inputted into the game – including what some players are dubbing the ‘best value of all time’ Squad Building Challenge (SBC).

We’ve had plenty of great SBC cards throughout the duration of FIFA 22. Some of our personal favourites are the FUT Birthday Henrikh Mkhitaryan, the Ligue 1 Player of the Month Kylian Mbappe and finally the infamous RTTF Nabil Fekir card – but according to players, there’s a new SBC that’s been implemented into the game that trumps them all.

At this later stage of the game, the calibre of cards has really been upped. With the release of all the Team of the Season’s and now the simply sensational Shapeshifter side – SBC cards have to be seriously juiced by EA to keep up with the power curve.

So who is the mystery man that has been dubbed the ‘best value of all time’ SBC? Scroll down below to find out!

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‘Actually the Best Value of All Time’ SBC

Here he is, the player that’s been dubbed as the ‘best value of all time’ SBC is End of an Era, Giorgio Chiellini.

The vintage Italian defender has just left Juventus to the MLS, so EA has decided to commemorate his services for the Italian giants with what is a simply insane EOAE card.

The card itself is phenomenal. 91 pace combined with those defending stats must mean he is a genuine nightmare to come up against in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Even the top calibre of forwards will struggle to get past this monster.

But as mentioned before, he’s dubbed the best ‘value’ of all time – with his card, according to FUTBIN, coming in at a measly 120k on the PlayStation, 128k on the Xbox and 141k on PC/Origin.

Giorgio Chiellini SBC card

It really is no surprise that players are vouching for this as an absolute steal. You really will struggle to find another centre-half in the game with this standard of statistics.

Not only this – but at a time when players are hoarding lots of fodder in their clubs, there’s a very high chance that you could seriously obtain this card without spending a single penny.

Will you be completing the Giorgio Chiellini EOAE SBC?

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