John Cena's emotional promo on WWE Raw on 20th anniversary

John Cena's emotional promo on WWE Raw on 20th anniversary

An emotional John Cena celebrated two decades with WWE on Monday Night Raw last night and vowed to continue wrestling during a heartfelt promo, fighting back tears as scores of supporters cheered his name.

He did, however, confirm that he has no idea when he’ll be back in front of the WWE Universe and back inside the squared circle.

Standing in the ring once again, the towering, teary figure spoke with conviction and appreciation as he addressed the fans in attendance and across the globe.

He roared: “This 20th anniversary is very important to me, because it means that you have allowed me do this for two decades.

“It’s never been lost on me that each and every single time I stand in this, it’s because you allow it. Guys, over the years you have created an environment for me to be my true self.

“I need to say thank you for moments like those, and I need to say thank you for making me who I am.”

After 20 years with the global organisation, Cena has cemented himself as an industry legend and one of the greatest and most lauded wrestlers of all time.

Cena – first appearing on SmackDown in June 2002 against Hall of Famer Kurt Angle – is a 16-time world champion and has notably reached success outside sport entertainment with a career in acting and rapping.

Despite his success through other endeavours, particularly an acting career that has landed roles in Suicide Squad and the Fast and Furious franchise, Cena detailed his desire to return to action in the ring once more.

“It’s been 20 years and I’m 45 years old, I only state that because I don’t know when you’re going to see me in the ring again. I’m not saying you won’t, I just don’t know when that’s going to be.

“So I need to say this now – it ain’t just going to be one [more match], don’t worry about it! I need to say that this. Anything I do outside of this is never just me.

“Just like when you chant Cena, it’s not about me. It’s about us coming together. This is all about ‘we’… That right there is the sound of us. We never give up, we’re just getting started. If you want some – come get some!”

Despite noting he was unsure of an exact timeframe for a return to action, Cena’s words will evoke confidence, with fans set to enjoy the esteemed star on more than one occasion before truly hanging up the gloves.

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