Bethesda Reveal Epic Elder Scrolls Xbox Series X Giveaway

Elder Scrolls

A stunning custom Xbox Series S is up for grabs as part of Bethesda’s celebration of the release of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle expansion.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Morrowind content update was the game’s first significant expansion, and subsequent add-ons have carried players to new areas with challenging obstacles to overcome. Bethesda has unveiled a stunning Xbox Series S based on the constantly evolving game to celebrate the successful launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle expansion.

Xbox has previously unveiled a wide range of customized Xbox Series consoles, including an assortment of Star Wars-themed Xbox Series S consoles and the stunning Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X. 

A unit that is patterned like the armour of The Ascendant Lord, one of the key figures in High Isle, has been highlighted by Bethesda as yet another excellent custom Xbox Series S. 

Further customizing the Xbox Series S than the standard model, the High Isle-themed Xbox comes with a controller and headset bearing the Ouroboros insignia that has been present in The Elder Scrolls Online since its inception.

Elder Scrolls Online Xbox Series S Giveaway

Elder Scrolls High Isle

For a High Isle giveaway, Bethesda ANZ collaborated with Australian videogame designers We are Robots to produce an Xbox Series S, Xbox controller, and stereo headset themed around The Elder Scrolls Online. The dark appearance of this Xbox Series S was inspired by the High Isle character The Ascendant Lord, but the console and controller also have an insignia from The Elder Scrolls Online called the symbol of The Order. On the left side of the top of the Xbox Series S and between the D-pad and right thumbstick on the Xbox controller, this logo, which resembles a fist reaching upward into a three-pointed crown, is inscribed.

The Order sigil is etched onto what appears to be a plaque on the Xbox Series S console, but on the controller, it is merely displayed underneath a conventional power button that also appears to be covered in armour. The Xbox Series S console and controller were designed to resemble the black steel armour from the Elder Scrolls Online video game. The Xbox has additional embellishments around its air vent, while the gamepad has the same distinctive lines surrounding its button arrangement. Through the different Bethesda ANZ social platforms, The Elder Scrolls Online players in Australia, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand will have the opportunity to enter to win this customized Xbox Series S.

Many fans shared their knight names and the reasons why they were assigned them in the spirit of High Isle in response to the giveaway tweet for Bethesda ANZ’s exclusive Xbox Series S. One The Elder Scrolls Online fan, in contrast to the others, asserted that they had never received a knighthood and instead used Daedra powers from The Elder Scrolls to rescue lives while taking others without any gratitude. Some The Elder Scrolls Online users bemoaned the fact that the Bethesda ANZ offer is not available in their area, while others argued that the MMORPG’s quality has improved with time.

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently available on Google Stadia, Mac, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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