John Cena reveals why so many WWE Superstars hated him

John Cena reveals he was hated by WWE co-workers

John Cena has been one of the star attractions in WWE for two decades now, while he’s always been a fan favourite, not all of his colleagues have been enamoured with him.

It’s a given in the WWE, you’ll have rivalries in the ring throughout your career. When you’ve been a Superstar at the top for as long as Cena has, it certainly will mean you have plenty of rivalries to battle through.

However, he has recently revealed that he was actually disliked by plenty of his co-workers away from the ring as well, which is a surprise given how good of a person he is.

We’ve seen plenty of cases of Cena being a wonderful human, especially his charity work where he tirelessly helps others. He has the record with the Make-A-Wish foundation, granting over 650 wishes for terminally ill children.

So, why on earth would the other Superstars not like Cena on a personal level away from the ring? Not everyone will like everyone, that’s a given in life, but why would so many colleagues not like him?

Talking to Chris Van Vilet, Cena opened up on how he conducted himself around the WWE and how he spent his time, with many other Superstars not happy with what happened.

John Cena is slated to return to WWE later this month
John Cena is slated to return to WWE later this month

Cena said: “I would spend hours in the bleachers just writing punch lines and writing punch lines and I became ostracised and hated by my co-workers because they thought I didn’t care about the business because I wasn’t around the ring with my shoulders on the canvas going ‘okay, who’s in the ring’ I’m around the product.

“Little did they know I was investing everything I had into trying to develop a connection with the audience which I believe is the most important thing.”

His efforts were clearly worth it, being at the top of the game for so long and being adored by WWE fans globally as one of the GOATs.

At the end of the day, Cena is right. The main thing for WWE is that connection with the fans and Superstars, so the work he was doing behind the scenes was actually crucial for himself and the business.

He has become so successful that the WWE are running a ‘Cena Month’ special this month in honour of the anniversary of his debut.

It’s a clear reminder too, you can’t judge a book by its cover, you never know what is actually going on if you don’t delve beyond face value.    

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