Triple H: Update on his power in WWE after NXT return rumours

Triple H

Triple H is back with WWE, and reports state that he’s now got a lot more power than he did previously.

Triple H suffered a serious cardiac event last year in September, almost dying as result of a genetic condition.

He obviously stopped working with WWE to focus on his health, he started back behind-the-scenes around WrestleMania time this year.

It was around the same time that ‘The Game’ decided to hang up his boots from wrestling and officially retire, saying it’s simply too dangerous for him to even consider stepping into the ring again.

Now that he’s done with wrestling as a performer, Triple H can focus on his work backstage within WWE, and it’s said that his power is growing.

Triple H was at the Performance Center this week, and per reports, told people at the training facility that he’s “back”.

HHH has been back working with WWE for some time, so it’s unlikely he’d be saying he’s “back” in that capacity, so fans speculated it was linked to his work with NXT.

He used to run NXT until last year, when the brand was taken over by Shawn Michaels, but his comments this week led many to believe that he was back working with the developmental project.

While we aren’t sure about that, a new report from Dave Meltzer has suggested that Triple H’s power within WWE is growing compared to when he returned.

The comments from Meltzer were made on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, but he didn’t exactly state what additional responsibilities HHH has been given.

More is likely to come out about this over the coming days and weeks, so make sure you stay tuned to GiveMeSport for all updates on Triple H’s powers within WWE.

Reports of the former WWE Champion’s power in WWE increasing come as his wife, Stephanie McMahon, has become interim CEO and Chairwoman of the company.

The announcement of Stephanie’s temporary promotion came last week, with Vince McMahon temporarily stepping down.

As of right now, it’s unclear whether or not Triple H’s new responsibilities have been given to him by his wife, or if this was always something that he was planned to do after returning from his health issues.

Again, for more news on Triple H, his return to work, and his power within WWE increasing, make sure you’re staying tuned to GiveMeSport over the coming days and weeks.

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