Call of Duty Warzone Season 4: Where to find golden keycards and unlock bunker

Call of Duty Warzone

Two of the numerous brand-new features in Call of Duty: Warzone season 4 – Mercenaries of Fortune are mercenary vaults and golden keycards.

They play a crucial role in one of the seasonal challenges you’ll have to complete in addition to being a crucial component of the new Warzone Pacific experience.

 Despite being locked, it’s still worthwhile to try and open one because within are numerous legendary loot boxes filled with a lot of money.

Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Bunkers in Warzone Caldera.

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Where are the mercenary vaults in Warzone Season 4

Only on Caldera can you find mercenary vaults inside the bunkers that house the island transit stations.

In Warzone Season 4, Caldera has seven primary bunkers altogether. Each of these bunkers is close to a significant Caldera POI.

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You’re most likely to discover a Golden Keycard here. You’ll be able to grab one and swiftly get there before anyone else because they are close to the bunkers:

  • Southeast of Lagoon
  • East of Power Plant
  • Just North of Fields
  • Northwest of Resort
  • Just South of Runway
  • South of Docks
  • Between Digsite and Mines

How to Unlock Bunkers in Warzone Season 4

In addition to obtaining them in treasure boxes, there are a few different ways to unlock the bunkers in Warzone Season 4 Caldera.

The places can occasionally become a battleground. Furthermore, the chances are that you don’t yet possess the best loot if you’re seeking a Golden Keycard.

You can get a Golden Keycard in Caldera in the following ways:

  • Rare drops from scattered Caldera treasure boxes
  • Completing contracts and receiving incentives from them
  • Collecting them from the remains of enemies who have already discovered one

However, there aren’t any specific places that players can look to find a Golden Keycard. It can also be challenging because it seems like everyone these days is playing one of the high pick-rate Vanguard guns as their sole meta.

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