Does Mario Strikers Battle League have a story mode?

Mario Strikers Battle League came out earlier this month, but a big question is does the title feature a story mode?

The game is the sequel to the massively popular Wii title, Mario Strikers Charged – however, the original Mario Strikers game was released for the GameCube way back in 2005 and is still to this day deemed as a masterpiece of a game.

Now the popular franchise is back having been released on Friday the 10th June 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. So far it’s received some great reviews and has been massively praised for its addictive gameplay and fantastic online functionality.

But although the reviews have been great for the online aspect of the title, a huge question is whether the single-player aspect can hold up against it.

So this begs the question – does Mario Strikers Battle League have a story mode? Scroll down below to find out.

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Does Mario Strikers Battle League have a story mode?

Mario Strikers Battle League cover art

In short – no, Mario Strikers Battle League does not have a story mode.

There are single-player modes, but none necessarily follow a story as a usual story campaign would. The closest you’ll get to a story mode in Mario Strikers Battle League is something called Cup Battles mode.

In Cup Battles, you’ll enter a tournament against three other AI teams. There are six different Cup Battles to play through, with each one including opponents that specialize in a specific attribute. To beat these teams, it’s best to tailor your team around their weaknesses.

It’s a real shame that Mario Strikers Battle League doesn’t feature any type of story mode and almost feels lazy on the developer’s behalf.

Whilst many are ecstatic with how the online gameplay runs, a lot of players prefer a more casual, offline experience which they cant obtain from this title unless they play the cups – but this has little to no replayability value.

Nintendo does have the capability with the Nintendo Switch console to update games, so we guess you can never say never on an offline story mode being added into the game, but for now and probably forever the likelihood is that Cup Battles will be the thing that comes the closest for fans of offline modes.

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