Overwatch 2 is Removing Levels

Overwatch 2

The Overwatch 2 devs explain how advancement works in the upcoming shooter and say that the level system will be removed.

Blizzard Entertainment, best renowned for the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo series, will soon release Overwatch 2, a sci-fi hero shooter. It stands out for its adaptable approach to sequels, allowing players of the first game, Overwatch, to continue playing together in multiplayer on the second game.

Overwatch 2 is reportedly expected to release in an early entry later this year after a troubled development cycle and numerous delays. Activision Blizzard’s developers recently held an AMA on Reddit to address any queries fans may have in advance of the game’s upcoming beta. 

One of the most important lessons learned is that Overwatch 2 will do away with player ranges in favour of the Battle Pass expansion.

Overwatch 2 is also looking into removing levels. Find out more below.

Removed Levels From Overwatch 2

Blizzard has decided to offer a few beta tests in the months before launch as it gets ready to release Overwatch 2 on October 4. On April 26, during Overwatch 2’s first beta, players got their first glance at the game, however, it was still only a brief preview of the entire game. Activision Blizzard’s developers participated in a Reddit AMA to address any lingering doubts about Overwatch 2’s revenue strategies and how it will replace its predecessor before the game’s upcoming beta testing session starts on June 28. Overwatch 2 is completely revamping the main game and replacing loot boxes with a Battle Pass system.

Fans were curious about the in-game development system and how Blizzard will handle player levels and skins since Overwatch 2 will replace the original Overwatch at launch. Do you mind explaining cross-platform progression? requests Reddit user timberflynn. When OW2 is released, will everyone be brought back to level 1? … Will I be able to access my skins on Xbox if my PS4 skin collection transfers over for OW2? Blizzard will only remove levels from the game, according to Blizz Jodie, a member of the Overwatch Community Development team, and players can transfer any Overwatch skins to Overwatch 2 and across all platforms.

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Additionally, Blizz winter clarifies that players’ profiles won’t display a precise stage; instead, they will only be able to stage their Battle Pass.

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