WWE Money in the Bank: 10 craziest spots from the ladder matches throughout the years

  • Ash Rose

Money in the Bank has become an integral part of the WWE calendar, since making its debut at WrestleMania 21.

Five years later it was given its own event in its own right, and it’s been the setting for some of the most memorable in-ring feats we’ve seen from WWE Superstars.

Ahead of the 2022 event on July 2ndGiveMeSport counts down the ten best Money in the Bank spots. 


Matt Hardy and the Ric Flair Suplex 

WrestleMania 22

It’s crazy that it’s 2022 and we’re finally talking about Ric Flair’s last (last!) match, but it’s even crazier that in 2006 we all held our breath then, as the Nature Boy took one of the biggest spots of his entire career. 

Competing in only his second-ever ladder match, 57-year-old Flair found himself coming to blows with Matt Hardy at the top of the ladder, an arm grab away from the briefcase. Hardy then shocked the Chicago crowd by hitting Flair with a giant Suplex from the top of the ladder, sending both men crashing to the canvas. Flair sold it like only he can and proved even at that age he could hang with the high-flyers. 


Roman Reigns stacks them up

Money in the Bank 2015

Roman was stacking up the opponents long before boasting about it years later as the Tribal Chief – even if he didn’t know it at the time. 

As a heavy favourite going into this Money in the Bank match, all eyes were on Reigns, and it led to a dominating performance from the Big Dog. None more so than this double blow to both Kofi Kington and then Neville. First, he laid waste to Kingston with a powerbomb onto a ladder that was placed in between the turnbuckles, and then after a back and forth with Neville he repeated the manoeuvre on the cruiserweight. Throwing him down on the same spot, on top of Kofi, to stack his opponents across the steel. 


Shelton being Shelton 

WrestleMania 25

In the early Money in the Bank matches, Shelton Benjamin was always the MVP of the bouts. His athletic antics were always the highlight of the match, including his running clothesline up the ladder at WrestleMania 21 and his brutal looking fall over the rope on to a ladder three years later.

He’s finest moment though, came at WrestleMania 25, when Benjamin out did himself on the event’s special anniversary variant of a show. Climbing to the top of a ladder that was standing in the middle of the entrance way, Shelton leapt off the top and delivered a Senton Bomb to a cluster of waiting opponents below. 


Kofi Kingston gives Drew the boom 

Money in the Bank 2010 

You usually associate the Royal Rumble with Kofi’s most impressive in-ring feats, but he’s had his fair share of fun in the Money in the Bank match, too. 

During its WrestleMania flavour, Kingston memorably used two ladders as stilts in echoes of future Rumble escapes, but it’s this brutal Boom Drop that makes our list. Leaping off the top of a ladder at ringside to deliver his signature manoeuvre to a waiting Drew McIntyre laying across the announce table. The most boom a boom drop has ever had. 


Seth Rollins’ brutal landing 

Money in the Bank 2014

It’s the Money in the Bank match that prompted the greatest cash-in the gimmick bout as ever seen when Seth Rollins inflicted the heist of the century at WrestleMania 31 – but it didn’t come without some pain along the way. 

During the bout, with Rollins enjoying the ride as the Authority’s new golden chid, Seth found himself in a brawl at the top of the ladder with Kofi Kingston and unfortunately exited the confrontation the hard way. Kingston lifted the Architect up and back body dropped Seth off the top of the steps and onto another ladder that bridged below. Leaving Rollins to bump off the steel and slide down the ladder in a brutal looking spot. 


Evan goes air ‘Bourne’

Money in the Bank 2011

Throughout his WWE career Evan Bourne made a habit of making jaw-dropping high-flying moments his M.O. (including taking the greatest RKO of all time) and included this Money in the Bank spot. 

Taking inspiration from Shelton’s entrance way jump, Bourne climbed to the top of an extra-large ladder that had been set-up in the isle. Once atop of the massive structure, the only way down for Evan was by way of his signature feat. Delivering his patented Shooting Star press onto a plethora of opponents on the floor below. Risky? Yes. Unbelievable? Absolutely. 


Sheamus shatters Sin Cara

Money in the Bank 2011

Every Money in the Bank match needs a hard-hitter, and they don’t come much harder than the Celtic Warrior, who’s experienced a fair share of ladder matches in his time. 

On this occasion he found himself trying to dispose of Sin Cara and did it the only way he knows how, painfully, and brutally. Lifting the masked Mexican high above his head on the edge of the apron and nailing him with a horrible looking powerbomb onto a ladder that was bridged between the ring and the announce desk. Leaving both Superstar and foreign object bent in half. 


Braun Strowman says so long Kevin 

Money in the Bank 2018

The monster in the bank was a huge target in this 2018 Money in the Bank match, but it was a monstrous moment at the top of entrance way that was the takeaway from this match – at Kevin Owens’ expense.

With a twenty-foot ladder set-up on the stage, Owens had planned to jump off the structure onto a waiting Strowman. Instead, Braun met KO at the top of the ladder and following a brawl, tossed his opponent off the steps and sent Owens crashing down and through the table. A throwback fall that echoed the iconic Shane McMahon drops of the Attitude era.  


Andrade Flips on Finn 

Money in the Bank 2019 

The 2019 vintage of the Money in the Bank was one of the better versions of the bout, and that was largely attributed to the performances of Finn Balor and Andrade – including this killer spot. 

As both men tussled at the top of the ladder, El Idolo saw his opportunity to remove Balor from the conversation. Hitting the Price with an amazing sunset flip power bomb off the ladder and onto another ladder that was bridge between the ropes. With Balor bouncing off the steel like he was a pinball caught in the world’s worst pinball machine. 


Jeff Hardy, obviously 

WrestleMania 23

When it comes to WWE’s greatest daredevil and its match most open to death-defying feats, Jeff Hardy is the only man who can top a list like this – and he has duly obliged. 

It’s WrestleMania 23 and old ladder adversaries Jeff Hardy and Edge are competing in the Money in the Bank match – you can guess what happens next. With Edge position on top of a ladder bridged between the ring and the guard rails, Hardy climbs to the top of the twenty-foot ladder and delivers the most devastating leg drop ever seen. Extreme indeed. 

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