Zlatan Ibrahimovic v Arrigo Sacchi: When pair clashed on live TV in 2010

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‘Zlatan, those are not good manners’ - The day Ibra roasted legendary coach Sacchi on live TV

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was once involved in an incredibly awkward post-match interview with legendary football manager Arrigo Sacchi on live TV.

Speaking after AC Milan registered a 2-0 win over Auxerre in the Champions League, Ibrahimovic clashed with Sacchi while conducting an interview for Mediaset.

Zlatan scored a brace in Milan’s victory and Sacchi joked that the Swedish striker was able to net the first goal thanks to his big feet.

Sacchi is widely regarded as one of the greatest coaches of all time. The Italian won back-to-back European Cups with AC Milan in 1989 and 1990. He also led his country to the World Cup final in 1994.

After Ibrahimovic joined Sacchi and his colleagues live on air, the show’s host said: “Arrigo Sacchi made a joke earlier for your first goal that if your foot size wasn’t 46-47, maybe you wouldn’t have got there…”

Bad start.

Sacchi Zlatan

Zlatan: “It’s possible, I don’t know. Sacchi also seems jealous, he talks too much. He needs to talk less in TV and on the papers. If he wants something from me, he must come talk to me.

“He also talked before when I was at Barcelona. Not only just now.”

Sacchi: “I believe I have the right to politely and respectfully express my opinion, without offending people.”

Zlatan: “Okay, but if you want something, come to me. Only only on TV.”

Sacchi: “I don’t want anything.”

Zlatan: “So why do you talk too much?”

Sacchi: “They ask me questions and I say what I think. Without offence.”

Zlatan: “That means nothing to me, it doesn’t motivate me. But when someone talks too much, he talks too much. And you are one of them.”

Sacchi: “Zlatan, those are not good manners.”

Sacchi Zlatan

Zlatan: “He also wrote about me when I was in Barcelona. I heard. Too negative.”

Ibrahimovic was reminded by the show’s host that pundits have the right to give their opinions, to which the Swede replied: “Okay, but that doesn’t make him right. When I was at Barcelona all he wrote was criticism. But okay. That’s yours and you can think what you like. I play my game. If you don’t like it, don’t watch me.”

The show’s host argued that Ibra was, in fact, being praised rather than criticised.

Sacchi: “That’s not the problem. It’s about being considerate and respectfulness needs to be there. I express my thoughts with respect.”

Zlatan: “It’s okay, you don’t have to explain anything to me.”

Sacchi: “However, I have to say to you: you’ll need to learn good manners.”

Sacchi Zlatan

Watch the interview here:

That has to be one of the most awkward post-match interviews ever.

Reputations have never meant much to Ibrahimovic.

If he believes he’s being disrespected, he’ll certainly let you know.

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