Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid: The 10 European football clubs with most debt

Fans of Manchester United are furious after it was announced that the Glazer family will take £11 million out of the club, despite United’s latest financial accounts showing debts of nearly £500 million.

Shareholders in United will have received a dividend payment at some point today from the extracted £11 million figure, although the majority of it will reportedly find its way to the Glazer family themselves.

Dividends are paid out twice yearly, in January and June, with last year’s total payouts registering at £10.7 million.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the Glazers netted around £8 million from last year’s withdrawals, so with their personal profits set to increase once again this summer it’s only served to anger an already riled up fan base.

Gary Neville slams the Glazers again on Twitter

United icon and outspoken TV personality, Gary Neville, has not been shy when it comes to criticising the club’s highly unpopular owners and was left fuming with the decision.

Neville wrote on Twitter: “The Glazer Family should NOT be taking £11m in dividends this Friday. It isn’t right with the investment needed in the team, stadium and training ground.

“The clubs cash position is low compared to previous years. An announcement is needed to halt it for the next 3 years minimum.”

Whether you agree with Neville or not, he does at least have a point.

United are arguably at their lowest point as a football club in over 30 years. The squad needs investment – and significantly, smart investment – the training ground and stadium are due plenty of work, and the club’s mountain of debt increases year-on-year.

Now, that’s not entirely unusual given the effect the COVID pandemic has had on football clubs, but United’s debt has risen by an alarming 11.8% in the last year alone and many fans feel the club is being mismanaged.

Where, though, do United stand in comparison to the rest of Europe’s most debt-riddled football clubs?

All figures are courtesy of AceFootball per Deloitte’s yearly report on football clubs, except in the case of United, for which the recent release of their financial accounts has been used as reported in the Manchester Evening News.

The 10 European football clubs with the most debt

10. Liverpool – €386m
9. Atletico Madrid – €523m
8. Manchester United – €577m
7. Arsenal – €625m
6. Real Madrid – €662m
5. AC Milan – €666m
4. Inter Milan – €702m
3. Tottenham – €826m
2. Juventus – €900m
1. Barcelona – €1.35b

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Unsurprisingly, Barcelona have more debt than any other club. The financial woes they’ve suffered through in recent times have been well publicised and one wonders how they’ll be able to get out of such a deep hole.

Juventus, similarly, have struggled and played a major role in the instigation of the European Super League.

Spurs find themselves third – the building of their billion pound stadium will have something to do with that.

Meanwhile, the two Milanese titans sit fourth and fifth respectively.

Real Madrid occupy sixth position, no wonder Florentino Perez is so keen to enhance the club’s commercial rights via the Super League…

Whilst Arsenal offer the first Premier League representation in seventh place, pipping United by roughly €50 million.

Liverpool also sneak onto the list in tenth place overall.

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