Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: Julia Rose offers to 'mud wrestle' Molly-Mae Hague

  • Tom Ward

Jake Paul‘s girlfriend Julia Rose has thrown down the gauntlet to Tommy Fury‘s partner Molly-Mae Hague by challenging the former Love Island star to a mud wrestling match.

Their boyfriends, aged 25 and 23 respectively, will battle it out for the ultimate bragging rights on August 6 in New York at Madison Square Garden.

Instagram model Rose, who is also best known for being the ‘World Series Flasher’, began dating Paul in early 2020.

Naturally she has been a constant presence ringside at almost all of Paul’s professional fights so far.

But it looks like Rose also wants to get in on the action as well as she looks to start her own rivalry with Hague – albeit something resembling more of a mud bath rather than a bloodbath.

The American social media star posted a poll on her story for fans to answer.

She wrote: “Should Molly and I mud wrestle?”

So far at least 85 per cent has voted yes.

Jake Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose has challenged Tommy Fury’s partner Molly-Mae Hague to a mud wrestling match

Paul was originally supposed to fight Fury last year before the latter – the brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury – pulled out through illness and injury.

And after months of back and forth on social media between the pair, they have finally agreed terms to fight each other again this summer.

Paul told his YouTube channel: “All jokes aside, this is my toughest test yet. You guys wanted me to fight a real boxer, you guys have been tormenting me day in and day out.

“You tell me to ‘fight a real boxer’, the answer is ‘no f***ing problem’. As far as real boxers, this is as real as it gets. Tommy Fury comes from a legendary bloodline of fighters; the gypsies who have been mauling people since they were f***ing born.

“For Christ’s sake, his brother is the heavyweight champion of the world, his dad went to jail for ripping someone’s eye out. Tommy Fury has been boxing since he was 12 years old, gone through the amateurs.

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Where was Jake Paul born?

“He just mauled a 10-1 boxer, knocked him to the ground. The Fury name is just as infamous as the Mayweathers, their whole entire family; all they know is box.

“To put this into perspective as to what’s going on, this is like if Tommy Fury tried to start a vlog channel to out-vlog me and Logan. It’s not f***ing possible, it’s everyday bro!

“I’m going into their territory, I’m going into their sport – like I said, Tommy’s been boxing since he was like 12 years old, this is part of his blood.

“Tommy Fury is taller than me, has been boxing four times as long as me, has longer arms than me and he has way more ring experience than me. This is by far my toughest test yet.

“I’m taking a huge step forward in my career. I could continue to fight big name MMA fighters and beat the s*** out of them but I want a tough test.”

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