F1 2022: Official driver ratings revealed by developers

The official driver ratings for F1 22 were announced on 24th June 2022.

The developers of F1 22 have finally revealed the official driver ratings ahead of the game’s eagerly anticipated launch among virtual racers.

This topic has come to the forefront in recent years as a controversial item in the game, which always divides fans who show their loyalty to certain drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc in the exciting and hectic world that is Formula 1.

Gaming in F1 is expected to take a further twist into deeper immersion with the inclusion of VR for the first time (virtual reality), ensuring that players can go right into the eyes of their favourite drivers.

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With this in mind, there has been a colossal buzz generating online regarding what the highest-rated driver will be on this year’s grid, how EA is representing their favourite driver, and who is the lowest.

But have Codemasters changed the algorithm, taking into account the new rules of Formula 1? Well, the simple answer to that is yes.

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F1 2022 Driver Ratings

F1 22 Aston Martin

Codemasters confirmed in their press release that the ratings for F1 2022 will be compiled into four neat categories:

  • Experience (EXP): This is based on the number of race starts a driver has over the course of their career.
  • Racecraft (RAC): The driver’s ability to work their way through the pack and finish in a higher position than where they started.
  • Awareness (AWA): The less time spent in the Steward’s room will help drivers here. Real-world punishments will impact the score in this category.
  • Pace (PAC): Benefits those who get closest to the fastest qualifying and race lap times. A driver beating their teammate is also taken into consideration.
  • Rating (RTG): The combination of the previous four ratings. This overall rating will go up and down throughout the season based on performance

As always, these ratings are completely dynamic and will change based on your progress in Career Mode and MyTeam. F1 Senior Franchise Director at Codemasters Paul Jeal said:

“Our new panel of F1 experts will work closely with us to ensure F1 22 reflects what happens on the track, and we know the updates will lead to even more debate over the course of the season.”

Max Verstappen7298799794
Lewis Hamilton9396929394
Valtteri Bottas7784939088
Sergio Perez8389858988
Carlos Sainz Jr.7294898787
Lando Norris6494829290
Charles Leclerc6594919592
Daniel Ricciardo8288938083
Pierre Gasly6290798484
Fernando Alonso9888788989
Estaban Ocon6390768283
Sebastian Vettel9187928385
Lance Stroll6589767780
Yuki Tsunoda5576748378
George Russell6490869390
Nicholas Latifi6080766670
Mick Schumacher5679807977
Kevin Magnussen6882848281
Alexander Albon5990768182
Zhou Guanyu4780736770

As you can see, there is a wide array of different ratings that drivers will start on, understandably with Verstappen and Hamilton topping the overall charts with 94 each. Leclerc follows closely behind with 92 with both Norris and Russell being acknowledged with ratings of 90. Coming out towards the bottom are Zhou and Latifi, although some may argue that is a bit harsh on the Canadian driver.

Codemasters confirmed that there are new aspects to the 2022 ratings, which include three starting points titled “Newcomer”, “Midway Challenger” and “Championship Contender”, which will have an impact on the overall ratings of each driver. This will essentially give players the option of whether they want a title shot straight away, or work their way up the grid, giving gamers more control than ever before.

F1 22 will be released on 1st July 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X & S, PC via Origin and Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. Players can also follow the link below to find out how to pre-order the Champions Edition of F1 22.

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