Mario Strikers Battle League: All Playable Characters

Mario in Mario Battle Strikers

Mario Strikers Battle League has just been released for the Nintendo Switch earlier this month – but who are all the playable characters involved in the game?

The new Mario game consists of a game of football, but not as you know it. Power-ups, customizable gear and all your favourite characters are included in Nintendo’s take on the most-watched sport on the planet.

Nintendo has had mass amounts of success with this title in the past. Mario Strikers Battle League is the third instalment of the series and the first for the Nintendo Switch, with its predecessors being the Wii title, Mario Strikers Charged and the original being Mario Strikers which was released for the GameCube in 2005.

But who are the characters taking to the pitch in Mario Strikers Battle League? Scroll down below to find out

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Mario Strikers Battle League: All Playable Characters

Here are all the playable characters in Mario Strikers Battle League.


Mario in Mario Strikers

Like in most Mario sports games, Mario is well-rounded and can do a bit of everything.


Luigi in Mario Battle Strikers

Luigi embodies a young Andres Iniesta. His passing attribute at 14 can be a very valuable asset to your squad.


Bowser in Mario Strikers

As you’d expect, Bowser is a powerhouse. His top two attributes are Strength and Shooting, which both come in at a 17.


Princess Peach in Mario Strikers

Peach is a superb character in Mario Strikers Battle League thanks to her high speed and high technique scores.


Rosalina in Mario Strikers

Rosalina has got one hell of a right foot on her. Her shooting score of 17 is the best in the game.


Toad in Mario Strikers

Toad is kind of like James Milner. A utility player that fits in well with other star players. Combine him with some bigger stars for a very well-rounded side.


Yoshi in Mario Strikers

Yoshi has great shooting and passing, so you can confidently take on a shot or pass the ball when you’re controlling him.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong in Mario Strikers

Next, we have the absolute unit that is Donkey Kong. With his strength of 16, he can knock pretty much anyone off the ball.


Wario in Mario Strkers

Wario is a good defensive option, but he doesn’t offer as much as Donkey Kong and Bowser in the strength department. He however does have a good pass on him.


Waluigi in Mario Strikers

Waluigi is a strong option for your side. He has decent strength, good passing and a half-decent strike on him.

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