AEW Rampage Results: Cobb gets the upper hand heading into Forbidden Door

The final Rampage before Sunday’s AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door Pay-Per-View featured a colossal card, containing the likes of ROH Women’s Champion Mercedes Martinez, Andrade El Idolo, Rey Fenix, HOOK and more.

Plus, a Forbidden Door preview as IWGP World Tag Team Champion and United Empire’s Jeff Cobb collides with one-half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions, FTR’s Cash Wheeler. 

Andrade El Idolo def Rey Fenix-

Two of the great Lucha Libre athletes opened up a highly anticipated Rampage. 

Both men would waste no time and go at high velocity as Fenix evades Andrade’s attempted lariat and drops him with a springboard hurricanrana. 

Fenix would continue to apply the pressure to Andrade hitting him with many aerial manoeuvres, including a gravity-defying springboard lariat off the top rope.

Andrade tried to regain control with the help of Jose, but Fenix would soon regain control. This was until the referee was distracted by Jose and Alex Albrahantes brawling allowing Andrade’s partner Rush to emerge and hit Fenix with a low blow.

Andrade would follow up with a Hammerlock DDT to pick up the victory and confirm the reunion of La Faccion Ingonerables. This was followed up by Rush showing the ultimate disrespect and demasking Fenix.

ROH Women’s World Champion Mercedes Martinez and Serena Deeb def Sierra and Laynie Luck 

The match begins with the experienced Serena Deeb utilising her technicality to win the lock-up with Luck. Martinez would then tag in and follow up with a huge spinebuster.

Martinez would continue the battering, unloading with a barrage of lariats. 

The match would conclude with Serena and Martinez synching in their signature submission holds in unison to pick up the victory. 

HOOK def The DKC- 

With Forbidden Door just two days away, the undefeated HOOK would be tested by going up against one of NJPW LA Dojo’s best in The DKC. 

HOOK would start the bout quick, locking in a kneebar which The DKC could only break after reaching the bottom rope.

DKC would fight back with a series of stiff shots but quickly fell victim to a high crotch overhead throw.

HOOK would follow up with signature crossface strikes before locking in the Redrum for a quick victory.

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Champion Jeff Cobb v ROH World Tag Champion Cash Wheeler-

With the highly anticipated 3-way tag team match where the winners take all just two days away, FTR’s Cash Wheeler and United Empire’s Jeff Cobb were out to make sure that they could inflict as much punishment as possible so they can have a greater advantage for Sunday. 

The United Empire’s juggernaut would soon take control of the match utilising his power to rag doll Wheeler both inside and outside of the ring. 

Wheeler’s resilience would see him crack Cobb with a few chops but Cobb would soon send Wheeler crashing into the ring post. 

Cobb would continue to impress as he nails a moonsault press. 

Cash would finally regain some control after a crushing uppercut would send Cobb flying to the outside before dropping the big man with a sunset flip powerbomb. 

Wheeler would almost pick up the victory after a slick reversal of Cobb’s gut-wrench powerbomb would see him pull off a roll-up but Cobb would kick out at two.

The closing moments would see Cobb hit a snap low release German suplex before hitting the Tour Of The Islands to pick up the victory and give United Empire the advantage for Sunday. 

Post-match sees Cobb’s partner and another half of the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Champions Great-O-Khan emerge before FRTR’s Dax Harwood would emerge to equal the playing field. The brawl would continue as all of the United Empire as well as Roppongi Vice and Orange Cassidy collide on the outside. 

At the announce table Kingston would get some revenge and blindside Jericho at commentary leading to them fighting through the crowd. As the countdown to Forbidden Door and Blood and Guts heats up.

You can watch AEW and AEW X NJPW’S Forbidden Door internationally on FITE TV.

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