Megan Rapinoe calls for new abortion movement after US Supreme Court’s ruling


Megan Rapinoe has condemned the US Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion and called for a movement to help raise awareness.

The court overturned the landmark ruling of Roe v Wade, dating back to 1973, which protected a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion. This is likely to lead to bans on abortions in roughly half of US states. 

Rapinoe, who has long been a leading activist regarding human-rights issues, is among those to speak out against the decision. 

Rapinoe blasts Supreme Courts’ ruling

Speaking to reporters, ahead of the US Women’s National Team’s fixtures against Colombia, Rapinoe summed up her disappointment. 

“It’s hard to put into words how sad a day this is for me personally, for my teammates, for all of the people who are out there who this is going to affect,” she stressed.

“We know that this will disproportionately affect poor women, Black women, Brown women, immigrants, women in abusive relationships, women who have been raped, women and girls who have been raped by family members — [or] who, you know what, maybe just didn’t make the best choice.


“It will completely exacerbate so many of the existing inequalities that we have in our country. It doesn’t keep one single person safer, it doesn’t keep one single child safer, certainly, and it does not keep women safer.

“We know that the lack of abortion does not stop people having abortions, it stops people from having safe abortions.

“I would encourage people to understand all of the different aspects that overturning Roe v Wade will have on everyone in the entire country.

“I just can’t understate how sad and how cruel this is.”

Rapinoe calls for new movement

Rapinoe took to Twitter to call for a new viral movement similar to the #metoo hashtag, which helped raise awareness for victims of sexual assault. 

The 36-year-old wrote: “I don’t know if this is happening already, but I would love to see a #metoo style viral moment for ALL THE MEN who have benefitted from abortions as well. Idk #MENTOO #ItsNotJustWomen. Open to ideas.”

Others speak out against ruling

Rapinoe’s fiancée Sue Bird also tweeted her anger at the ruling, stating she was “gutted.” 

The Seattle Storm, whom Bird plays for, said they were “furious and ready to fight.” 

Similarly, the Seattle Sounders football team tweeted that “Reproductive rights are human rights.” 

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They added: “Regarding this morning’s ruling by the United States Supreme Court, we believe in the right to autonomy over our bodies and the right to choose.

“Reproductive rights are human rights. We know that many of you are hurt and angry and frustrated. Our club is committed to fighting for inclusion, tolerance and justice in our community.”

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