Paul Gascoigne mugging off teenager in 'Gazza's Soccer School'

Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne will always be one of England football’s true mavericks.

The enigmatic midfielder was never far from the headlines, be it for good or controversial reasons.

While his temperament was questionable at best, what cannot be doubted was his once-in-a-generation ability.

Who can forget his famous goal against Scotland at Euro ’96 or his myriad of other sublime strikes in the colours of England, Tottenham, Rangers, Lazio and so many others?

Sadly, ‘Gazza’ never seemed to truly fulfil his remarkable potential and it is sad to think what might have been had he managed to hit the heady heights his career had once promised.

Still, we’re not here to rag on the man, and we would rather remember him for the positives than the negatives.

On his day, Gascoigne possessed a decidedly un-English sense of flair and guile, often leaving baffled defenders in his wake at every turn.

Paul Gascoigne
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – JUNE 15: England player Paul Gascoigne celebrates after scoring the second goal during the European Championship Finals group match between England and Scotland at Wembley, on June 15 1996 in London, England. England won the match 2-0. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

He was one of a kind, and never was that more on show than in a clip that has emerged on Twitter of the striker mugging off some teenagers in his short film, ‘Gazza’s Soccer School’.

As you can imagine, having made some of the best defenders in the world look silly, a pack of teens was never going to be much of a challenge for Gascoigne – but it seems he wasn’t in the mood for showing any sort of mercy.

In the clip, Gascoigne really gives no quarter in a one-on-one situation with one of the youngsters by ruthlessly rainbow flicking the ball over him, before smashing home on the volley.

You can see the hilarious moment in the clip below:

Easy on, Gazza! He’s only a lad.

Of course, it was all tongue-in-cheek as Gascoigne was playing it up for the film, but it still makes for brilliant viewing.

What became of Gascoigne’s hapless victim is unclear, but, if the clip is anything to go by, it seems the England star certainly enjoyed mugging him off.

Paul Gascoigne

Gascoigne’s career prospects would later take an alarming dive as he fell into struggles with substance abuse.

It has proven to be a lifelong battle since then for the former superstar who, sadly, has endured several relapses down the years.

We can only hope that Gascoigne is able to get back on the straight and narrow as he continues his battle.

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