Usain Bolt vs cheetah vs average person in fascinating simulation

Usain Bolt vs cheetah vs average person in fascinating simulation

We all know Usain Bolt is rapid. We all know a cheetah is seriously rapid. We all know that your average human being isn’t so rapid.

However, that hasn’t stopped a simulation of the three in a 100m race from racking up over 16 million views on YouTube.

Clearly people are interested to see the difference in pace between the three.

The speed comparison video, uploaded by Reigarw Comparisons, shows the difference in speeds between a cheetah, Bolt and an average person.

For context, it takes the Jamaican’s 100m world record time and pits it against the animal and the normal human.

Between each of the competitors, there is around a five-second difference, with the average person taking 15 seconds to complete the race, Bolt 9.58 and the Cheetah 5.95 seconds.

The video shows a variety of camera angles of the virtual race, but it’s the last angle that does the most justice as it’s from the finishing line. This means people can see the difference in time between the three.

Unsurprisingly, the cheetah is waiting a substantial amount of time before Bolt finishes, and then the pair are waiting a similar amount of time for the average person to finish.

Incredibly, the cheetah used is only the average speed of a generic cheetah, whereas for the human representation we have Bolt, the fastest human ever with his fastest ever 100m time, and the average human speed.

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Considering the difference in speed between Bolt and the average human, it would be even more remarkable to imagine the fastest cheetah ever within this video to further emphasise the gap in speed differential between the two species.

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