Usain Bolt 100m: Sprinter vs bunch of people in 2016

Usain Bolt Race Promo

Usain Bolt is one of, if not the greatest sprinter of all time, with his 2009 world record for the 100 metres still not being broken.

He famously strutted to the 2008 gold at the Beijing Olympics with a 9.69 seconds time for his 100 metre sprint, but he iconically celebrated early before the line to really showboat and prove why he was head and shoulders above the competition.

A year later he bettered that time and clocked a 9.58 seconds, a time which set the world record which he still holds to this day.

It’s been worked out recently that his 2008 Beijing Olympics record would have been around 9.52-9.55 had he not slowed down to celebrate, which is mind boggling to think about given how long he has held the 9.58 seconds record.

The Jamaican quickly became one of the biggest athletes on the planet with his peacockery on the biggest stage of all, the Summer Olympics, with that comes plenty of marketing opportunities.

So Bolt will have been making a whole host of guest appearances and then making plenty of money through endorsements.

Bolt makes his iconic pose.
Usain Bolt visits the remodeled Atletico de la VIDENA Stadium for the 2019 Pan American Games, Peru April 3, 2019 REUTERS/Henry Romero

One of the marketing ploys he did was take to a makeshift 100m track to take on an array of people, with Bolt, unsurprisingly, winning at a canter.

He was the first competitor to reach the ribbon, jumping through it in typical Bolt fashion, making everything into a show.

It’s certainly a good watch, with one unfortunate soul faceplanting the floor within the first few metres. An embarrassing moment for them, but they would have been embarrassed by Bolt’s dominance regardless.

General Sport – Beijing 2008 Olympic Games – Beijing, China – 16/8/08 Athletics – Usain Bolt of Jamaica celebrates winning the gold and breaking the 100m world record Mandatory Credit: Action Images / Brandon Malone Livepic PLEASE NOTE: FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Obviously, no one will have expected to get close to Bolt, but the Jamaican really took the biscuit, not holding back.

Bolt strode away from the competition before showing who is the boss for the final 20 metre of the race or so as no one could compete.

He jogged the final part after opening up a huge lead and hopped over the finish line before the plucky contenders caught up and finished the race themselves.

The video is just another reminder that Bolt is one of the legends of the Olympics and one of the greatest athletes of all time, as well as being an incredible entertainer.

It shows just how much he cares about his fans and entertaining that regardless of the stage, he tries to do something for those in attendance.

Never change, Usain!

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