Grand Theft Auto 6: Fan-made concept trailer is a thing of gaming beauty

Grand Theft Auto 6: Fan-made concept trailer is a thing of gaming beauty

There aren’t many games as unique as the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

It must be special when it can get away with releases so infrequently as once a decade or so and still be raking in millions.

GTA V has been a major success, but a fair few fans are starting to look towards the future, and we don’t blame them, we’ve waited long enough!

So much so that a fan-made concept trailer has been released regarding what we could hopefully see in the next instalment.

The ever-present character is Lester Crest, the creepy but smart mastermind. Meanwhile, those around him, the big three, have changed in this trailer. Kendrick Bardas, Nikita Bellick and Nicolas Vega are coming to the fore, replacing Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Bardas is a former police officer who is seeking revenge for the death of his family, Bellick is an Eastern-Europe thief following in the footsteps of her brother and Vega is a Vice City drug dealer. All three have fascinating and equally intense storylines that would be super enthralling for fans were it to come to fruition.

Los Santos, Liberty City and Vice City are three iconic locations that have featured throughout the history of the franchise and they play a part in this fan-made trailer for GTA VI. A new trio has also been introduced in Los Venturas, San Fiero and Tropical de Janiero.

Story mode is just as important as online gameplay, so the fact the fan-made trailer states that missions will be able to be played both on your own and with friends is perfect. On top of that, the graphics are even better and the gameplay is even more realistic. What’s not to like?

GTA fans who have seen the fan-made trailer certainly like it, as they left comments in their thousands on the video on YouTube. Some of the best can be read below:

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We’ll start with an easy one: What does GTA stand for?

“This entire trailer seems almost genuine. The voice acting, the shots. Great job!!!”

“That trailer was pretty awesome and well made. You deserve credit for your hard work'”

“Imagine if Rockstar made something like this, the world would lose their mind!”

“This actually looks amazing. They should really use this for their game”

“With GTA VI, Rockstar is pushing the limits of what an open world game can be” and this is often the case when it comes to their highly anticipated releases. Whether it be with earlier Grand Theft Auto games or the Red Dead Redemption franchise, they always prove to be worth the wait.

Grand Theft Auto 6: Fan-made concept trailer is a thing of gaming beauty
Grand Theft Auto 6: Fan-made concept trailer is a thing of gaming beauty

There is constantly talk flying around about what the next GTA instalment will bring to the table, and who knows what to believe. A fan-made trailer like this is very fun, but it will probably amount to being a pipeline dream more than anything else.

Talking of such chatter, and according to the latest rumours, the game may soon be incoming, next year to be precise, and Colombia and Miami are the locations of choice to build the game around.

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