Football line-ups quiz: Can you name the missing player from these iconic XIs?

There’s a reason football is known as the ‘beautiful game’.

For generations we have been blessed to witness some truly astonishing talents light up pitches across the globe as they made a habit of dropping jaws and regularly leaving fans in awe.

We could sit here and name them one by one until we’re blue in the face, such is the glut of riches we have witnessed over the decades.

However, while it is the individual who will, more often than not, grab the headlines, football is ultimately a team sport.

There are ten other men on that field with you and, if you can build an understanding with them that compliments the individual brilliance, then the sky really is the limit.

From England in 1966 to pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, from Bayern Munich’s treble-winning side to Manchester United‘s triple heros, there is no end to the list of iconic teams.

But just how well do you remember some of the line-ups that make us smile when we look back on them?

Are you a right ol’ history buff, or have some of the XIs been forgotten about as the years have ticked by?

Well, here is your chance to really challenge yourself by attempting to pick out the missing player in the iconic line-ups in the quiz below.

We’ve blocked out one name from each team and it’s your job to identify them. Sounds simple enough, right?

We’ll see.

QUIZ: Can you name the missing player from each of these XIs?

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Man United line-up

Manchester United vs Chelsea, 2008 UCL Final

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