PUBG Update 18.2: New Map Release Date

PUBG Deston New Map

The precise release date of the new Deston map has been disclosed by the creators of PUBG: Battlegrounds.

Krafton announced the release of their first batch of significant improvements in the first two months of 2022 in their most recent post, which was posted on the company website. In addition, the creators are taking steps to provide a fresh map in the middle of the year. The developers said as follows:

The first wave of significant upgrades will debut in the first two months of 2022, with more information to come. So be on the lookout for what’s to come! For Survivors, which will debut in the middle of 2022, we are also preparing a new Battleground.

Given its size, verticality, and variety across the map, the PUBG Deston map release date may be something you’re interested in finding out. By popularizing the battle royale subgenre, PUBG altered the gaming scene in 2017. Since then, the game has been greatly expanded with new areas, weapons, modes, and gameplay opportunities. 

Read on for more information about the PUBG Deston map release date and more about Deston, which was formerly known as Kiki.

Deston Map Release Date

Deston will be available on PC on July 13, 2022, and on consoles on July 27, 2022.

Deston Map Explained

According to the developers, the map will have a wide variety of settings, including enigmatic underground laboratories, enormous skyscrapers, swampland, subways, and underwater structures. The most varied and exploration-focused Battleground ever will feature a variety of places to excite and test survivors. Additionally, it will be the biggest map PUBG has ever had, possibly the first 9×9 or 10×10 map.

Ascenders, petrol station filling, pillar gear, and new cell towers that launch players into the air are all features of the map. The new MP9 SMG and Origin shotgun will be available on the map as ground loot in addition to the new features.

New Features

PUBG Deston

See below for a list of all the new Deston features. Players should be aware, though, that after Deston is released, some features might be added to the game.


With the aid of the Ascender Ropes fast-mounting skyscrapers are made possible thanks to a new feature brought by Krafton. For gamers to access higher floors in taller structures, ascenders may be their only option.


The propeller on this new flatboat is used for both on- and off-water travel. With the new Air Boa, players can experience a fast trip through swampy places and shallow/open water.

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Princess Peach in Super Mario

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The O12 shotgun, the quickest in the world according to Krafton, is released. PUBG: Battlegrounds’ first high-capacity weapon known for its incredibly rapid rate of fire with slugs.

Utility Parachute

Each participant in Deston will have this parachute attached to them. Press the Interaction key after jumping a given distance, then drift however you like!

That is all there is to know regarding the Deston map release date and its type.

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