Overwatch 2: Leaks reveal next potential character

Overwatch 2's leaked character

Blizzard revealed Overwatch 2’s second new character, Junker Queen, earlier this month, and now a third character has potentially leaked.

The developer recently released a new trailer and more information about Junker Queen, the recently revealed new Overwatch 2 hero.

When Overwatch 2 enters beta on 28th June 2022, the character will finally be playable, along with a new map for players to try out.

However, a French Overwatch content creator, Potxeca, has reportedly leaked information and possibly confirmed that Mauga will be the new tank hero for Overwatch 2.

With the gaming community anticipating the Junker Queen’s arrival, here is everything we know about the new leaked character.

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Mauga leaked

Overwatch 2’s newest hero, Mauga
Image: toastermrvl

A Reddit post on the main Overwatch subreddit summarized an interview with devs Aaron and others conducted by French content creator Potxeca. Unfortunately, Potxeca has made the developer interview private, but the post states that it was confirmed that the new tank hero in Season 2 is Mauga.

Potxeca’s video has been a vital source of information, including leaking details on cross-progression and a third Overwatch 2 beta, but it’s impossible to confirm whether it’s entirely true or not at this point (via LeaksOverwatch).

Mauga is a former friend of Baptiste and a Talon Heavy Assault. If the little we know about him is to be believed, he’s more of a villain than a hero.

Baptiste describes him as a demon, and we know he quickly switches between lighter and darker sides of himself and can be completely consumed by the latter. His combat style is predicted to be very good at close combat.

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With that being said, Mauga appears to be the most likely candidate for a new tank hero at this time, however, It’s unclear how many new characters will be revealed before the game’s early access launch in October, but there should be be be a few more.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has already confirmed that three new characters will be introduced in Season one, so there’s a good chance Mauga will be added to the game between the mentioned early access release and Season one.

We won’t know for sure whether Mauga will be the next Tank hero to arrive after Junker Queen until we hear from Blizzard.

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