Valorant Voice Evaluation Update: release date and everything we know so far


With the debut of its new Voice Evaluation System in North America, Riot Games highlighted its most recent initiatives to address disruptive behaviour in Valorant.

This happened as a result of the creators’ updating their privacy notice and terms of service in April, which now permits the recording of audio interactions while playing a game when complaints are made about toxic or abusive player behaviour.

While Riot Games understands the value of voice communication in its game, it also recognises that some players abuse voice communications technology to create a hostile environment that is unsuitable for competitive or recreational play.

This month, Valorant celebrated its second anniversary. Since the game’s release in 2020, the developers have put a lot of effort into keeping it entertaining and captivating for the players. To that purpose, they have created new maps, Agents, and other intriguing new features with each release. Let’s find out what the new update entails.

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Valorant: Voice Evaluation Update release date

The Voice Evaluation Update will debut in North America on Wednesday 13th July 2022, according to a Tweet from the official Valorant Twitter website. To train language models and have the technology ready for a test rollout later this year, the update will initially be available only in English.

Riot announced these ideas earlier this year as part of its Valorant Systems Health series, which also included information about their efforts to manage communication toxicity and what they deemed to be undesirable behaviour. Its game systems were used to express insults, threats, abuse, or foul language.

The game will not be using the Voice evaluation period for reports of disruptive conduct; rather, they would be using the background launch as a training method to iron out any problems.

This Voice Evaluation Feature will only be available in Valorant for the time being, but Riot plans to expand its availability to other video game franchises in the future. This most recent action aims to provide a more secure and welcoming environment for everyone.

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