FIFA 22 SBC: Eusebio leaked for Prime Icon Moments

FIFA 22 Eusebio SBC

Another leaked SBC card for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has surfaced, this time featuring the legendary Eusebio.

EA’s Shapeshifters Promo has added a new dimension to a select group of players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. These players will have improved traits as well as new roles that they would not normally play in real life.

With the addition of these players, you will have more options for assembling your ideal squad in FUT 22. The promotion will feature two teams.

The regular release of Prime Icon Moments cards will now see us through the FUT 22 cycle, with FIFA 23 just around the corner.

So, if you’re interested, keep reading for the most recent SBC leak and Eusabio-related information.

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Leaks reveal unreal Eusebio Prime Icon Moments card

Prime Icon Moments versions of all 105 icons have been released, with a few of them currently available by completing an SBC.

Some of them are more expensive than the transfer market player and thus are not worth it at all, however, now a Prime Icon Moments Eusebio SBC has been rumoured to be on the way.
Fut Sheriff, a prolific FIFA leaker, has revealed that another top card is on the way, with a Prime Icon Moments Eusebio that is sure to be a hit among the FUT community.

He is widely regarded as one of the best Portuguese players of all time, and his FIFA cards reflect this, as he is widely regarded as one of the best Icons in the game.

Fast, top shooting, great dribbling, four-star skills, and a five-star weak foot, we see him terrorize defences in FUT Champs regularly.

His PIM version currently costs 2.16 million on PlayStation and 1.99 million on Xbox, so expect his SBC gamers to be expensive as well.

We don’t know when the Eusebio SBC will arrive, but Fut Sheriff said it would “come in the following days so expect to see it before the 30th of June 2022.

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