Saquon Barkley: Giants running back's workout revealed as he shows off ripped physique

New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley has shown off his incredible body as he gets ready for the 2022 NFL season. 

Having first come into the league ahead of the 2018 NFL season, being drafted by the New York Giants with the 2nd overall pick in the draft, the 25-year-old has more than lived up to his expectation when it comes to the numbers he’s been putting up in the league. 

Whilst injuries have certainly played their part in holding him back, most notably an ACL tear during the 2020 season that saw him only play two games throughout the entire season as well as two minor injuries in 2019 and 2021, he has still managed to put up two 1,000 yard seasons in his first two years that have helped him reach  2,927 rushing yards and 19 touchdowns. 

Last year was something of a struggle for him, perhaps as a result of the injury that he suffered in 2020 as he could only put up 593 yards in 13 games, but hopefully this year he’ll be able to bounce back and start performing like his early days once again.

Certainly looking the part

Part of Barkley’s skill as a runner comes from his sheer physical presence, with a lot of it coming through his legs which have since earned him the nickname of SaQuads Barkley. 

But the impressive figure doesn’t stop in his lower body, as photos of him getting ready for the 2022 season show, as he posted some incredibly ripped pictures of him on his social media:

As if he wasn’t hard enough to tackle already, it looks as if defenders are going to have to do something a little bit extra in order to bring him down and get the ball out of his hands this upcoming season.

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How does he do it? 

As you might expect staying in shape like this doesn’t come easy, even for someone like Barkley the extent of which and exactly what goes into putting him in that shape was revealed in a profile put together by Touchdown Time on YouTube, which includes squatting 650-700lbs and ‘loading up’ on steak, potatoes, chicken and veggies’:

Hopefully all the recovery and bulking up he’s doing will help him this season, because after the Giants picked up his 5th-year rookie option last season, this is the final year of his current deal, so he will have to do something to prove to the Giants that he’s worth keeping hold of in order to get a fat payday come the end of the year.

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