World's most expensive football: £4,000 Louis Vuitton ball savaged in review

World's most expensive football: £4,000 Louis Vuitton ball savaged in review

A £4,000 price tag on a football is sheer madness, right? That, though, is how much the Louis Vuitton hand-stitched commemorative ball in honour of the 1998 World Cup will set you back these days.

In fairness, when they commissioned it nearly 30 years ago, the luxury French fashion house probably didn’t expect the ball to be used down the park during a Sunday morning kickabout with mates.

Enter popular YouTuber ChrisMD (real name Chris Michael Dixon), who recently decided to road-test the ‘world’s most expensive football’ for his 5.56 million subscribers.

To put the cost of the Louis Vuitton ball into perspective, you can pick up 32 official Nike Premier League footballs (£125 each) for the same outlay.

Keen to research both ends of the spectrum when it comes to footballs, though, Chris opted to pit Louis Vuitton’s £4,000 effort against a run-of-the-mill Mitre ball, available from most sports outlets for around £10.

In a bid to determine which ball was better, Chris and three pals embarked upon a series of challenges using both contenders.

ChrisMD world's most expensive ball challenge

The two balls were put through their paces in three separate tests: curled free-kicks, powers shots and volleys.

The stakes were pretty high as Chris vowed to take a flamethrower to the losing ball. A very expensive forfeit if the experiment went the way of the cheaper Mitre offering, which inevitably it did.

In truth, there wasn’t much between the two balls over the course of the challenge (other than the ridiculous difference in price).

£4,000 football

The two couldn’t be split in terms of goals scored in both the free-kick and power shot challenges, with the Mitre ball finally gaining the edge during the volleys section of the experiment.

Overall, five goals were scored with the Mitre ball, compared to the four managed with the Louis Vuitton.

Now, the challenge doesn’t exactly qualify as hard science, so the final score shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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Some of the feedback to the Louis Vuitton ball during the challenge, though, was absolutely scathing.

The flight and feel of the luxury contender was rinsed during the power shots portion of proceedings, in particular.

“It moved very unpredictably through the air at times… just like a cheap £10 football,” joked Chris.

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Worse was to come for the social media sensation when he noticed that his £4,000 buy was starting to show signs of wear mid-way through the challenge.

“It’s starting to crack… did you keep the receipt,” quipped one of his pals.

By the end of proceedings, Chris couldn’t hide his disappointment in his big-ticket purchase: “It curls too much, doesn’t travel in a straight line… and breaks. Not a fan,” he admitted.

Watch: ‘World’s most expensive football’ loses out to £10 budget contender

Per the advertised terms of the contest, the YouTuber later set the one of 3,000 Louis Vuitton ball alight, essentially burning £4,000!

Yeah, we get that he can probably afford to take the hit, but it’s still pretty wasteful.

That said, we can’t see there being much of a demand for the remaining 2,999 versions of the ball out there.

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