V Rising endgame Dracula and Game of Thrones collaboration revealed

V Rising Endgames

Several new aspects, including the potential V Rising endgame reappearance of Dracula and Game of Thrones events, are revealed in a recent interview.

During the weeks that followed its early release, V Rising caused a sense of déjà vu. An independent developer’s top-down survival game quickly reached 1 million downloads and shot to the top of the sales charts. 

Still not seem familiar to you? Perhaps changing vampires to Vikings would trigger a response. It appears that V Rising will serve as Valheim in 2022; hopefully, unlike the latter, the vampire version will be able to go on.

That was undoubtedly kept in mind while Stunlock Studios planned the game’s endgame and upcoming features. Recently, the developers spoke with broadcasters Asmongold and Rich Campbell about what they have planned.

Continue reading to find out everything we know about the introduction of Dracula and this new Game of Thrones-style conflict.

V Rising Introduces Dracula 

V Rising Endgames

Game director Peter Ilves stated, “Our goal is to bring back Dracula.” “What is his role, will you be able to confront him, will you be able to turn into Dracula in the end, will you be seated on the Throne of Darkness?” he continued. He admitted that the group is “very excited” to see how this turns out and that future players would “certainly see” Dracula making a comeback “as some type of significant event.”

Martin Lövgren, the creative director, added that “Dracula isn’t just the endgame.” Even in the early game, his effects on the environment will be felt. You’ll feel his impact through the adventure.”

V Rising Game of Thrones Vibes 

The struggle for power among the many factions will also be present in the endgame, which Ilves compares to Game of Thrones vibes going on between groups like the militia, church, and undead. 

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It will be exciting to see Dracula make a comeback and compel the player’s vampire opponent to face him because V Rising is all about the gap left by his defeat. Of course, we won’t likely see all of this until V Rising officially launches.

Make sure to check out V Rising soon if you haven’t already.

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