The Undertaker throws Mankind off Hell in a Cell: 24-year anniversary

The Undertaker throws Mankind off Hell in a Cell: 24-year anniversary

Often ranked as one of the greatest matches in WWE history, the iconic battle between The Undertaker and Mankind, Mick Foley’s second of his three personas, on June 28, 1998, is remembered as much for the iconic moments within the fight as it is for whole fight itself.

The first iconic moment, stunning the Igloo in Pittsburgh, came when The Undertaker threw the 270-pound Mankind off the top of the cell and sent him crashing through the announcers table down below.

Shock and horror set in amongst the fans and commentators in the dim and eerie Igloo of Pittsburgh, as medical personnel and Terry Funk rushed to Foley’s side.

The moment is responsible for creating one of the most iconic pieces of commentary in WWE history when Jim Ross dramatically exclaimed, “As God as my witness he’s broken in half” and “Good God almighty, they’ve killed him,” such was the impact of Foley’s fall.

Miraculously, and a testament to the incredible toughness and resilience of Mankind, he re-climbed the cage with only his right arm to drag himself up and return to the top of the cell, on which the steel mesh beneath the competitor’s feet had begun to give way.

The second memorable moment from this all-time Hell in a Cell classic then came when following a headbutt and some right hands, The Deadman delivered a monstrous Chokeslam on Mankind through the roof of the cell, sending the already badly hurt competitor crashing to the mat below.

Following a further lengthy battle within the ring, including another Chokeslam on Mankind, The Undertaker reigned supreme in the now historic King of the Ring bout.

However, despite the painful loss, it was this incredible match that made Mankind an icon in the WWE due to his willingness to put his own safety at risk for the entertainment of the audience.

The match is now remembered as a classic of the Attitude Era, with the vicious two-year feud between The Undertaker and Mankind resulting in an unprecedented, barbaric and dangerous fight that marked a new era for the WWE, setting a new standard of wrestling for future bouts of a similar nature.

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