WWE Money in the Bank: Seth Rollins and Edge feature in ultimate ladder match

  • Ash Rose
Seth Rollins is a former WWE Money in the Bank match winner

This Saturday WWE present the annual Money in the Bank premium live event, live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. 

Money in the Bank is now an integral part of the WWE calendar, and offers the career-changing opportunity of a guaranteed world title shot whenever the winner chooses to do so.

As we head into the twenty-third men’s Money in the Bank ladder match, GiveMeSport picks the eight WWE stars who should be included in the ultimate Money in the Bank bout. 


MITB Matches: 3

Winner in 2005

As the first-ever winner of the Money in the Bank match, it wouldn’t be right not to include the Rated R Superstar.

Edge won his Money in the Bank match when the bout made its debut at WrestleMania 21, defeating Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Benoit, Christian and Kane. He’d later go on and cash-in on John Cena after the main event Elimination Chamber match at New Year’s Revolution to win his first world title. 

The Miz 

MITB Matches: 4

Winner in 2010

The most must-see WWE Superstar has actually held the MITB briefcase on two occasions – even if he’s only been a winner of the match once.

Miz was victorious in the Money in the Bank match in 2010, and famously cashed-in his contract on Randy Orton in a title run that birthed ‘Angry Miz Girl’ and led him all the way to the WrestleMania main event.

Then in 2021, he defeated Otis at Hell in the Cell to hold the case again. Miz remained the only Superstar to cash-in and win a WWE Championship twice. 

Dolph Ziggler 

MITB Matches: 6

Winner in 2012

Of the current roster, only Kofi Kingston has appeared in more Money in the Bank matches than the Show Off. Dolph has bounced around the ladder match six times since making his first appearance at WrestleMania 26 – and won the event in 2012.

Memorably cashing-in his case on Alberto Del Rio the night after WrestleMania 29 and become world champ, in what was one the biggest pops ever heard on Monday Night Raw. 

CM Punk

MITB Matches: 4

Winner in 2008 and 2009

In its sixteen-year history, only one man has won the Money in the Bank match twice – and he did in consecutive years.

CM Punk made the Money in the Bank his own in the late noughties and won both on the grandest stage of them as well. Both wins led to cash-ins too, with Punk successfully cashing-in on Edge in 2008 and then Jeff Hardy a year later to become a world champion on both occasions. 

Seth Rollins 

MITB Matches: 3

Winner in 2014 

Seth Rollins may have only been in two Money in the Bank matches – with one to come on Saturday – but the briefcase played such a massive role in his career we can’t not include him.

The victory in 2014, set him on a career-defining run as the face of The Authority and established his main event credentials.

Then you factor-in the cash-in – because it’s the most famous cash-in of all time – as Seth stole the WWE title in the main event of WrestleMania 31, it what has become to be known as the Heist of the Century. 

Shelton Benjamin

MITB Matches: 5

In the early days of the Money in the Bank match, Shelton became the highlight-reel for the annual WrestleMania event.

Whether it was his memorable run up the ladder in the first-ever MITB match, his ridiculous Senton Bomb off the ladder in the isle at WrestleMania 25 or the brutal bump he took when he was eliminated by way of a ladder a year prior, Shelton always bought his A-game when it came to the ladder match. 

Chris Jericho

MITB Matches: 5

Some could call Chris Jericho the ‘godfather’ of the Money in the Bank match as it was Y2J who lays claim to inventing he concept ahead of WrestleMania 21.

Apparently pitching the idea of winning a contract via a ladder match to Brian Gewirtz before the WWE writer added the twist of having a year’s lifespan on the briefcase. Unfortunately for Chris, he never capitalized on his baby, with zero victories in the five Money in the Bank matches he competed in. 


MITB Matches: 7

Winner in 2010

The Big Red Machine holds the record for appearances in the Money in the Bank match along with Kofi Kingston and so we had to include the WWE Hall of Famer!

And he gets the nod over Kingston because Kane also has a briefcase win on his CV. He nabbed the case in 2010 and cashed-in the contract on the same night, taking advantage of Rey Mysterio after his win over Jack Swagger to get his hands on the gold. 

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