John Cena: Seth Rollins laughing his entrance music on WWE Raw

John Cena: Seth Rollins laughing his entrance music on WWE Raw

During last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, which was a celebration for John Cena’s 20-year anniversary with the WWE, it was clear that not everyone was in pure adoration and celebration of the 16-time WWE Champion.

A clip released from the show displays Seth Rollins approaching Cena backstage while making a laughing rhythm to ‘The Champ’s’ entrance music.

Cena appears to be confused and disturbed at first, before starting to smile at his former opponent’s antics.

However, Rollins then finishes the song with a little dance, whips off his sunglasses and proceeds to ask Cena: “Do you remember that time when I put my knee directly into your nose and broke your face into a tiny million pieces?”

For those not familiar, Rollins once broke Cena’s nose after kneeing him clean in the face, with the resulting images being rather gruesome for the Leader of the Cenation.

Cena’s silence in response to Rollins’ trip down memory lane was met by more discomforting laughter by Rollins, fully playing into the Joker-like persona that he has adopted recently as ‘The Drip God’.

While many fans have criticised Rollins’ recent character, the man himself maintains that the unpredictability of the character is what adds to the excitement.

Rollins’ arrogance in the moment is soon stifled, however, after he brags to Cena about winning the upcoming Money in the Bank this coming Saturday in Las Vegas, he turns around to see fellow Money in the Bank competitor Omos towering over him.

The giant appeared very unimpressed at Rollins’ antics and arrogance before the major showdown, setting up Saturday’s Money in the Bank perfectly.

We for one, though, absolutely loved listening to Seth Rollins laughing John Cena’s iconic entrance music, and it was one of the highlights of the night.

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