Elden Ring new trailer features UFC star Israel Adesanya

Elden Ring

Elden Ring, a critically praised and commercially successful role-playing game, has received yet another live-action trailer featuring UFC star Israel Adesanya.

The “Sharper Than Their Swords” clip was made available earlier today via the official Elden Ring Twitter and Bandai Namco YouTube channels. It frames a really strange awards trailer with images of UFC fighter Israel Adesanya, who is seen performing as an Elden Lord, as well as scores and statements illustrating the game’s widespread praise.

Surprisingly, Elden Ring and the UFC have met before; the company was originally suggested as a sponsor for a fight involving Adesanya. 

It’s not surprising, then, that the responses and comments for both versions of the trailer are divided into perplexity and disappointment, even though the trailer does raise an eyebrow, particularly the foreboding introduction.

Here is The Elden Ring Live-Action Trailer and all that was revealed in it.

Elden Ring New Trailer

In the clip, Adesanya, who was born in New Zealand, provides words of support to people struggling with the game’s infamously challenging material. It functions as an intriguing, oddly motivating tour of The Lands Between when intercut with fast-paced gameplay sequences. The game’s emblem is displayed over the fighter’s right eye in the last few seconds of the almost one-minute-long commercial, maybe a reference to Godwyn’s bleeding eye from an earlier Elden Ring teaser.

While the video is unquestionably interesting, it doesn’t exactly offer fans of Elden Ring anything new, and many Twitter users expressed dissatisfaction that the trailer didn’t pertain to the long-rumoured Elden Ring DLC. Since the game has only been out for around four months, updates regarding fresh content are likely to come. Nevertheless, knowing how infamous June is for gaming announcements, the teaser seems to have been released at an unexpected time despite the unique collab.

A UFC fighter representing the game, even in a brief trailer of praise, caught many gamers off guard, and many others regretted building up anticipation for a DLC announcement. 

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Fans are only assuming that FromSoftware would want to release more paid content for its most popular game ever because the developer has never really promised or even hinted at Elden Ring DLC, but those dreams haven’t materialized yet.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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