Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak teases new Palamute Feature

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Capcom has released a teaser video that teases a new Palamute function that players may look forward to in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

The release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, a significant expansion from Capcom, is soon approaching. 

The latest Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak teaser has revealed a lot of new information and gameplay details, so player excitement is undoubtedly at an all-time high. 

And Capcom continues to reveal more of the update’s new features via its Twitter channel; most recently, the company posted a video teasing a new Palamute feature in Sunbreak.

Below is everything we know about the teased Palamute Feature in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak that was leaked.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak New Palamute Feature

When you consider all the additional stuff that Sunbreak will be introducing to the game, Capcom seems to be right when it calls it a big expansion. Through the Follower Quests in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, players can embark on hunts with their favourite NPCs in new areas surrounding the Elgado Outpost, return to the returning Jungle map, and more. Additionally, Capcom has guaranteed that following the expansion’s release, a ton more material, including new monsters, quests, and maps, would be made available.

Palico and Palamute puppets were seen breaking into Capcom’s actual headquarters in a video that was shared on the team’s official Twitter account. The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak hunting partners wanted to see if they could uncover any fresh information about the impending expansion. The puppets were successful in locating a secret document called “Palamute Pouch” toward the end of the video. However, Sunbreak Director Yoshitake Suzuki caught the puppets and disciplined them before they could divulge any information about this function.

Up until now, there hasn’t been any overt disclosure or discussion of the Palamute Pouch in any official campaign materials. However, it appears that the functionality has already been found by the game’s community. The Palamute Pouch can be seen and used in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo, which is currently available for download. The innovation, according to the community, provides an additional row of inventory space so users can keep more stuff they’ve collected when their main bag is already full.

Fans won’t have to wait long to start using all the exciting new features since Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is set to release in just a few days. The new and returning monsters, whose move sets have undoubtedly been updated and optimized for the expansion, have avid players eager to hunt them all. The community will have a lot of events to look forward to months after the game has been released because Capcom has already provided a roadmap for its planned free title upgrades.

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We are certain to learn more about the teased Palamute Feature in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak as the game approaches its release date.

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