Diablo Immortal: Fully upgrading a character could cost you half a million dollars

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Diablo Immortal could cost you a fortune.

We have reported previously that Blizzard’s latest release is absolutely stuffed with microtransactions, and it was previously speculated that maxing out a character would cost in excess of $110,000, which translates to £89,716.

However, it now appears that the number is actually far higher.

Kotaku reports, amazingly, that the real cost of fully upgrading a character is closer to $540,000, which equates to £440,337.

That is a truly astonishing amount of money.

Fully upgrading a Diablo Immortal character requires legendary gems, which you can get from Elden Rifts. These quests give you the jewels as a reward. But they’re given out at varying degrees of rarities, which are random.

The likelihood of getting a fully upgraded five-star legendary gem is lower than 1%, per the report, and this is where it gets complicated.

Diablo Immortal

Players can use legendary crests for $2.50 each; there is the option to equip 10 of these before an Elden Rift begins. That’s $25 just to get a maxed-out legendary five-star gem.

There is then an “awakening” mechanic in which you can further upgrade those gems.

That takes the level cap to $540,000.

Now, it should also be said here that such a price only works if you’re lucky and manage to get what you need each time you try to get a gem. There is the potential of the cost running to over a million dollars if you’ve got bad luck.

We can’t even fathom that, really, for a game that is ostensibly meant to be fun.

Diablo Immortal actually did reasonably well with critics and received a score of 68 from 24 critical reviews on Metacritic, but the user score is just 0.4 from 5,808 ratings.

That makes sense, really, when you think about it.  

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