UFC 276: Israel Adesanya stars in epic new live-action trailer for Elden Ring

  • Tom Ward

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya is a man of many, many talents.

The Nigerian-born New Zealand MMA fighter, 32, is widely regarded as one of the best strikers in mixed martial arts.

Nicknamed ‘The Last Stylebender’, Adesanya is currently unbeaten at 185lbs, having beaten every single one of his opponents in the weight division to date.

His sole loss came only when going for light heavyweight glory against former champion Jan Blachowicz.

But besides fighting, Adesanya is also a huge lover of anime, music and video games – which he regularly refers to in one way or another on his YouTube channel ‘FREESTYLEBENDER’.

So it should come as no surprise to some that he was recently seen starring in the latest live-action trailer for the best-selling video game Elden Ring.

In the trailer, Adesanya can be seen wearing a black robe along with red shorts and gold shin guards.

After a short intro complete with theatrical smoke and fog, it starts with Adesanya walking towards an empty throne in a dim lit room with braziers along the wall.

WATCH: UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya stars in new live-action trailer for Elden Ring

Check out the video below…

He takes off his hood before getting up and walking menacingly towards the camera before miming an action from Dragon Ball Z.

The trailer also features footage from the game itself, which shows the protagonist fighting monsters with various weapons at its disposal.

It ends with a close-up shot of Adesanya’s right eye with his iris turning a distinct yellow as it digitally changes colour.

Adesanya has previously spoken of his desire to get into motion caption for movies and video games once he calls time on his mixed martial arts career.

He told TMZ: “They’ve been coming. They’ve been knocking. Later on, I’ll dabble.

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“I really want to get into motion capture – for movies or for gaming – stuff that Andy Serkis does. He’s like the GOAT at that. [Benedict] Cumberbatch, he did it for the dragon… that kind of stuff excites me.

“The good thing about motion capture is, I ain’t gotta [sic] be there to do it. I don’t have to go to Hollywood. You can do it at home and they just send it over.

“I already got a few offers already. But I wouldn’t have an O-1 visa. This last year, a major Marvel movie… got offered to jump in – a speaking role, fighting role.

“But then I wouldn’t have an O-1 visa. It was delayed a little bit and for Marvel to delay the shooting by even a day is like 160k… but now we’ll stay ready.”

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